16 January 2012

Kera Plus | Keratin Hair Care Collection | Review + Photos

So I'm pretty sure that many of you are familiar with the Keratin trend that's been going around lately. Well if you haven't got on board yet what exactly are you waiting for? Kera Plus Keratin Hair Care Collection is a brand of hair products created by Dana Gibbs of dana’s loft HAIR Salon. She's created a Sodium Chloride, Paraben and Formaldehyde Free product line that will not only maintain smooth, frizz-free hair, but will help strengthen and bring back to life damaged hair and improve the health of all hair types. Kera Plus was formulated with high concentrations of keratin and with continued use replaces the keratin lacking in damaged hair and seals gaps that prevent split ends and breakage in weak strands. 

This innovative new hair care collection was directly inspired by her salon experience. After doing a lot of keratin treatments on clients at her salon, she found that some clients did not have the time to do the repeated treatments needed to maintain smooth hair or they wanted to avoid the formaldehyde in traditional keratin treatments. With Kera Plus, she created a formaldehyde-free keratin enriched system that combats frizz, strengthens the hair and allows clients to maintain smooth, frizz-free hair at home without having to commit to a salon keratin treatment. 

I personally got the opportunity to try out a few of the products from the collection for myself which include; the Kera Plus Keratin Infused Shampoo, Conditioner and Serum. Check out photos of my results and my full review below. 

Kera Plus Keratin Infused Shampoo Ingredients

This is my hair after I washed and combed the conditioner through

Blow Dried

Flat Ironed

Glow: Well for starters I'll just say that my hair really seems to like keratin based products. I've only tried one other brand with keratin prior to this but they both delivered equally satisfying results.  The Kera Plus shampoo and conditioner both smell amazing. What I loved most about the conditioner is that it made it easier to detangle my curls. I also really liked that the scent lingered in my hair for a day or so, that's definitely a perk I mean who doesn't want great smelling hair? I also noticed that when blow drying my hair it seemed less frizzy than normal.

Glare: No cons, I truly like all three products! I have to admit though that I was a little hesitant at first  about using the Keratin Infused Serum. that's mainly because I have oily hair so I can't really put a lot of product on it without it looking greasy or weighed down. But to my surprise the serum wasn't oily at all, nor did it cause any issues; it actually helped to keep my hair from frizzing up.  I applied the serum post shampoo and conditioning to my damp hair. I normally use moroccanoil if I'm going to flat iron my hair but I didn't with this because I feared that it might create a build up if I used both products. And honestly after seeing how the serum works I think I could still add the moroccanoil if I wanted to without creating any issues.

Would I Recommend It? Yes, definitely! It's a great product. Being that my hair is natural I know how important it is to find products that can tame my tresses especially when humidity gets a hold of it and on those days when I want to wear my it straight. It's definitely a great addition to my hair regimen!

Where To Buy: The Kera Plus Hair Care Collection is comprised of 4 hair care products formulated for all hair textures to cut down frizz, keep hair smooth and repair damaged hair, while adding body, bounce and shine. The 4 products are: Keratin Infused Shampoo, which retails for $6 - 2fl oz, $20 - 8fl oz. Keratin Infused Conditioner, which retails for $6 - 2fl oz, $20 - 8fl oz. Keratin Infused Serum, which retails for $10 - 2fl oz, $20 - 4fl oz. Keratin Infused Masque, which retails for $6 - 2fl oz, $20 - 8fl oz. The products are available at dana’s loft HAIR Salon and at danasloft.com

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  1. I've never used any keratin products, but these are affordable so I can get with these...lol!

  2. @Purp LOL they are pretty reasonable compared to others I've seen. I've come to really like keratin products though!


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