06 January 2012

My First Weave!! ......Disaster | Bohyme Sahalian Smooth Review + Photos

Well I FINALLY did it!! Those who know me and if you follow me on twitter then you know that I've been talking about wanting to get a weave for well over a year now. I debated forever and a day on the type of hair I would try, who'd I let install it, how I was going to wear it....and still never made a solid decision but I figured it was time to stop procrastinating and to just do it! So I called up the beautician I've been going to for a couple of times now and made an appointment. We first met up at the beauty supply store to pick a perfect match of weave for my hair. I got there a little early so I browsed around for a few until she got there. While looking around one of the guys that worked their showed me a few different options, one of them being Bobbi Boss which I really liked and had heard wonderful reviews about. 

Well...once the beautician got there we looked at a few options and consulted with a female employee and they both agreed that Bohyme looked most like my texture. So after comparing hair I had two finalist sitting on the counter which were the Bohyme Sahalian Smooth and Milky Way Saga. Although the beautician kept admiring how great the Bohyme looked, of course the final decision was up to me. Well I gave in and decided to take their advice so I purchased the Bohyme. I bought two packs of hair, one 12" and the other 14". The 12" is about the length of my natural hair and I wanted the two different lengths for layers. The hair was on sale for 20% off. The 14" was originally $110 but I paid $88 and the 12" was originally $100 but with the discount I paid $80. Oh I'm not sure what the deal is as far as the correct name of this hair because I've seen it is "Saharian" and "Sahalian" Smooth, Bohyme's website lists it as Sahalian Smooth so I'll just roll with that.

So after purchasing the hair I went and had it installed. It looked great and almost an identical texture to my natural hair. I was a happy camper for about a week but then disaster started creeping in. The one thing I dreaded the most and vowed to never experience was knocking at my front door.....A BAD WEAVE!! *cringes* Now true enough I don't know a whole lot about weaves other than the research and many questions I've asked but I am truly disappointed that my very first weave experience had to be something that I now regret doing :-/ I didn't take a hell of a lot of photos with this hair mainly because I didn't feel comfortable in it. Here are a few below. 

 These were taken after my 2nd wash, which was week 2 

 Back view, the hair came to about the center of my back. I think these were taken after the first wash.

Here's how the hair looks wet, it has sort of a body wave texture to it

This is how the hair looks blown out right after I washed it. The part that stops a little over my shoulder is my hair out in the front and the rest is the weave. When the hair is blown out it looks identical to my actual texture. 

Here's how my first track looks

 In this pic you can see how the strands of the weave get tangled and wrapped around the comb as I try to comb it.

Here's a picture of my natural hair to compare to the one above. Notice how the comb glides through my hair. Unlike the nappy weave...

Oh and here's what my sink looks like every time I try to comb the nappy weave. Knots and strands everywhere.

Glow: Well...there were a few pros, just a few. I'm not going to lie, the hair is beautiful when it's tamed and when you can control it which for me was only when I stood in the mirror combing it. The texture does look a lot like my own but this hair is very deceiving. You know what, lets just jump right into the cons because I don't think I have anything else positive to say lol.

Glare: The hair tangles, knots, sheds, mats...and whatever other word that describes a hot ass mess. It was difficult to even comb this hair, my bathroom sink and floor was covered in strands daily. When I went out or just walked around in the mall the hair would just tangle on it's own and became really unmanageable to the point where I just wanted to leave and go home. It literally looked like a birds nest was on top of my head.! The hair is just bad, it's nappy....the ends are nappy as hell. Every time my sister saw me she found it necessary to mention how nappy the hair looked lol. I really dislike this hair, hate it even...I don't appreciate spending a bunch of money on trashy hair. My hair looks better than this weave, this was just a real disappointment. I had anticipated on keeping it in for at least a month but it was just too horrible to deal with so I took it down after only 2 weeks.

Would I Recommend It? Hell no. Would I buy it again? Ehh definitely not this texture. I've recently seen mixed reviews about Bohyme hair but I've also heard a lot of great one's about their Brazillian Wave which is a curly texture. I sort of want to try it one day but honestly right now, this hair has tainted my whole outlook on Bohyme so I really don't know.

Overall Glam: *Sigh* I promised myself that I wouldn't let this experience discourage the whole weave wearing thing and I'm determined not to let it stop me. I know there are wayyyyyyy better grades of hair (I've seen better hair on barbie dolls to be honest) out there and I will give it another try one day. Like I mentioned before, this was my first weave ever and I'm definitely not hip to all of the tips and tricks when it comes to sew in's. But I did make an effort to be very careful and take care of the hair for the short two week period I had it in. Although next time I do know that no matter what kind of hair I get I will definitely be sealing the wefts to minimize the shedding. I'm overall disappointed with the experience but I don't regret trying the sew in because it's something that I've wanted to do for a really long time now. The only thing I regret is buying this nappy ass hair! Everyone I talked to prior told me that Milky Way Saga was the best way to go but I just had to steer left *sigh* :o(
Product(s) in this post were purchased by me. 


  1. Aww that sucked! & Why you look so pissed in all your pics? LOL! Yea, that's sometimes the problem when you go in the beauty supply store, they have sooo many brands of hair to chose from! They should be ashamed tho, to sell that hair at a price like that when it's not even good quality!!

  2. I am so surprised you had a bad experience with Bohyme hair. I usually use the Brazilian wave and checked out you site just to see how the Sahalian hair kept up. Sorry you had a bad experience and this is the first bad review I have read on Bohyme. I usually can use the hair twice as well (I weave every 3 months). My only thought that it may not have worked for you is that you do have to use a light sheen everyday and you have to deep condition as well. I treat it like my regular hair and have had no problems.

  3. @Purp lol I just wasn't enthusiastic about that hair AT ALL! I was told that it's best not to purchase hair from the beauty supply stores and to order from a Chinese Vendor but ordering hair that I can't see or touch SCARES me! I definitely won't be doing this again anytime soon.

    @Anon I guess it's just a hit or miss type of thing with Bohyme. I've read good & bad reviews about the hair. I just know that after this experience I will NEVER try it again lol. I've actually heard really good things about their Brazilian Wave but since it's so curly I guess it reacts different than the straight hair. Idk but that hair just made me nervous about buying hair, period. It's just too expensive to risk the possibility of bad hair.

  4. Thanks for the honest review. I've had a decent experience with Bohyme and was looking to try the Sahalian Smooth but will now keep looking. I actually like the Bohyme because like you mentioned it matches my thick coarse hair texture. The only complaint I have is that there is a lot of shedding and also I find that it swells easily.

  5. I have been buying Bohyme hair for years. I have noticed that the amount of hair in the weft has become thinner over the years. Now, I have to put more tracks in my hair to get the volume that I use to get with less tracks.

    1. Yeah, honestly I'd just never buy this hair again. I will say that I didn't experience the thinness though, the hair was very full and thick. It was a lot of hair and surprisingly not heavy.

  6. You should have went for the Bobbi boss thats what I wear.and I love it

  7. I had the same problem after I washed mine. My stylist told me I used a shampoo with too much alcohol in it, that strips the hair. She suggested I use creme of nature kiwi and citrus. I haven't had a problem with my bohyme hair since.

    1. Honestly I just think it was a bad batch or either the hair in general has gone down in quality...this hair was horrible before I washed it!

  8. I am experiencing the same issue now. This is my 3rd time using Saharian smooth and the first time I had NO issues. I kept it in for 8 weeks and it stayed soft and smooth. I put in a new pack a few moths ago and it was an absolute nightmare. If I moved my head twice it became matted. I thought it was like u said, a bad batch and decided to give it another shot. I put a new one in on March 21st and it stayed smooth and soft for 2 weeks. Then it became a mangled, matted mess. I washed and conditioned it thinking that would make a difference but it sure didn't!!

    My advice, try Bohyme Egyptian Wavy or Brazilian Wavy. They never let me down.

  9. Bobbi Boss will tangle and shed in the pack at the beauty supply store! It's cheap and they charge way too much for it to be a beauty supply product. Weave.com has a much better product. I color my weave hair blond, and the hair stays soft, non-tangle, and shed free! I've wore weave hair since I was 10 years old, and I'm over 30 years old now! In all my hair wearing days have I seen such crappy hair being sold to black women! We must stop lying about hair quality! Most of these videos vixens are promoting bad hair because they are paid to do so, and they get that crappy hair for free. I don't do videos so I have NO skin in the hair game. But I'll tell you weave.com has the best hair I've seen in a long time. Oh it has a very large selection.

  10. Sorry, the correct web site is weave discount.com they have the best hair!

  11. 1419.20
    Hey ,
    I've had so many bad experiences with hair companies. So I began to do my research and honestly take a chance. With this one hair company. I honestly feel the smaller hair companies that are not. "Celebrity endorsed are the most legit in my opinion because they get over shadowed by these YouTube gurus promoting these other companies with Terrible hair. We all know that they send celebrities better hair. I've had so many run ins with these big name companies , it got to the point where I just stop buying virgin hair wasted thousands of dollars. For years! Anyways I was on ig a few weeks ago and stumbled across a hair page . Star studded virgin hair boutique . What got my attention was the deals the company displayed . With my experience I'm one to know that a deal/ cheap prices is not always good! I visited the site they have two lines one is pretty pricey . One is affordable. I emailed the company pretty rapid response. You can tell its a fairly new company . I stated how I was unsure about all these new VIRGIN hair companies so they offered me a sample for a discounted price . Decide to try it. Received in about 2-3 days. I must say it reminded me of arjuni hair which is fine . But it's way cheaper than arjuni . So I decided to place a full order . I Ordered 3 bundles of 16 slight wavy . Shipping was pretty fast . I cowashed the hair it had minimal shedding & They also advise you to seal your wefts . I love the hair so far it's been 3 weeks minimal shedding & no tangiling. I think I've gained my trust back with these virgin hair companies. Not going to speak to soon . But so far I absolutely love the hair . And I recommend it. Overall I had a great experience . Replies we're rapid & shipping was ok. If this hair works out for awhile I will be ordering again. If you're interested the website is www.starstuddedboutique.com

  12. Thanks for sharing the info ladies !! I’m so tired of taking “chances” on hair and throwing money away on hair. I just ordered hair from Boyhme thinking ok made a big investment this time and it’s been the worst hair to date.. super nasty!! So sad..


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