22 February 2012

Estée Lauder Introduces NEW Mad Men Collection


Shake. Stir. Seduce.
A Limited Edition Makeup Collection Inspired by the Award Winning AMC Drama Mad Men®

The NEW collection features two classic makeup items inspired by the look of the women featured in Mad Men’s ® 1960’s New York City setting. Bold, red lips and creamy, rouged cheeks define this iconic moment in time:

- Estée Lauder Mad Men® Collection Lipstick in Cherry features a cream satin finish and continual moisture delivered to lips for smooth, rich color.

- Estée Lauder Mad Men® Collection Creme Rouge in Evening Rose is an easily blendable and buildable formula that highlights cheeks with a dewy, smooth and natural finish.

Estée Lauder Mad Men® Collection Lipstick and Estée Lauder Mad Men® Collection Creme Rouge are packaged in a fluted golden case placed in a leather-like gold pouch, and the outer cartons are a custom design inspired by the Estée Lauder packaging from the 1960’s.

Available for a limited time beginning March 2012 exclusively at Bloomingdale’s stores nationwide, www.bloomingdales.com andwww.esteelauder.com.

Estée Lauder Mad Men® Collection Lipstick in Cherry, $25.00
Estée Lauder Mad Men® Collection Creme Rouge in Evening Rose, $40.00


Nicole by OPI | NEW Kardashian Kolor Shades For CVS | Review + Swatches

Nicole by OPI recently announced seven new additions to the Kardashian Kolor collection! But what's extra special about these shades is that they are going to be exclusively sold at CVS! Yay ^_^ In case you missed my last review and swatches of the first shades from their collection, you can check that out here.

The newest shades from the Kardashian Kolor collection are richly-pigmented, fashion-forward hues which include crèmes in bright key lime, pinky peach, poppy red and fuchsia, as well as shimmers in light lilac and deep burgundy. Check out swatches and my full review below!

Paparazzi Don’t Preach
This pretty blush pink is doing just fine.

Strike a Pose
A totally camera red-y color.

Our Fuchsia’s Lookin’ Bright
This purple-y fuchsia has the world at her hands

Ladies in the Limelight
The most talked-about yellow-lime of our time!

One Big Happy Fame-ily
This lavender shimmer is the American dream

Back to Reality…TV
This pretty little periwinkle was made for TV.

Smile for the Glam-era
The paparazzi is all about this photogenic plum.

Glow: Dare I say it? I actually like these shades better than the original collection *gasp* I do, I really do. I love that the colors are the perfect transition from winter to spring, from warm to in-between, to colors that pop! My personal favorites are Paparazzi Don’t Preach which is a toned down light pink that has a nude flare. My second favorite is Back to Reality…TV, it's a gorgeous periwinkle with delightful hints of lavender shimmer. Another personal fave is Smile for the Glam-era, it's a a vampy, shimmery dark plum. 

Glare: I don't know what it is about pastel colors with shimmer when it comes to OPI but the formula seems to be a tad inconsistent than the others. In this case One Big Happy Fame-ily (the lavender shimmer); I had a difficult time getting even coats and it was also hard for it to become completely opaque :o( which kinda sucks because it's a super pretty color. 

Would I Recommend It? I definitely would, and honestly I'd probably recommend these shades before the original collection. I like that these will be sold at CVS, so convenient!

Where To Buy: I'm not sure of the exact date that these will be available but they are set to premiere this month at CVS so keep your eyes open!  They retail for $7.99 each and will be available at CVS locations nationwide and online at http://www.cvs.com. For more information please visit http://nicolebyopi.com/.

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21 February 2012

Pure Romance | "Coochy" Conditioning Shave Cream | The Closest Shave EVER! + Review

I'm pretty sure that we all have our individual preferences when it comes to feminine "maintenance" but I think there's still a common ground that many of us share when it comes to our skin. Personally, I always try to be conscious about the types of products that I use on my body because I have sensitive skin and the last thing I'd want to do is trigger some type of unwanted reaction. I'm definitely a girly-girl and I like to remove hair in places that I'd rather not see it. 

Over the years I've tried it all, shaving, waxing, hair removal creams and those God awful "as seen on tv" contraptions; and I've also had my share of ouch's and mishaps with each of them. Up until now I had been using VEET which is a great depilatory cream in which I've found the most success in. I'd vowed to stay away from shaving for awhile since I always ended up irritating my skin and nicking myself. Well, that was until I came across a product called "Coochy" while searching the web one day. I'd read really good things about it and really wanted to try it. 

The Coochy Conditioning Shave Cream is made by Pure Romance. If you're not familiar with them they are a supplier of adult themed products specifically made for women. They also carry a nice selection of beauty products including massage oils, bath necessities and even makeup. Their mission is to make women feel good throught empowerment, education and entertainment. Coochy has been one of Pure Romance's best sellers for over 17 years and is formulated for both women and men. The shave cream is designed to avoid those unsightly razor bumps from appearing in the bikini area, underarms and legs. It also has more than one use and doubles as a gentle moisturizing hair conditioner. So did it live up to my expectations and deliver what it claims? Check out my full review below to find out!

Glow: For starters I really like the name of this product, I think it's cute and eye-catching. It comes in a variety of scents, mine was pomegranate which smells absolutely delicious! While it says it's a cream, it's more like a really light gel and it lathers well as you apply it to your skin. I also like that it's pink and the same color of the tube, I'm not sure if every scent is that way or not but I would assume they are based on their type. What I loved most about this cream is that I could instantly tell a difference as I was shaving, it went on smooth and it was much easier to navigate the razor along my skin. I didn't cut myself!!!! Which is a shocker for me because I ALWAYS mange to cut myself lol. After shaving, my legs and other parts felt extremely soft and so touchable.

Glare: Some might think $12 (4oz) and $18(8oz) is a little steep for one tube of shaving cream especially when there are drugstore brands that are half or less than half that price. But, I've yet to try another brand that actually made my skin feel and look this good after using it.  I think it's definitely worth it's price. And look at it this way, it also doubles as a hair conditioner so you're getting multiple benefits all in one ^_^

Would I Recommend It? Yes, Yes and more Yes! This was honestly one of the closest shaves that I have EVER gotten and it's funny because after using this it made me realize that my problem wasn't with razors but the shaving products I had been using in the past (I used the same razor that I use all the time). The shave cream also packs a pretty good amount of moisture and didn't leave my skin feeling dry and I was free from irritation. If you're like me and have tried many products that just don't quite cut it, I definitely recommend giving Coochy a try. You won't be disappointed! After trying this cream i'm honestly considering not going back to other shaving creams, it's just that good!

Where To Buy: The Coochy Conditioning Shave Cream currently retails for $12 (4oz) and $18 (8oz) each. To purchase or to learn more please visit http://pureromance.com.

**P.S. Another thing that I wanted to mention is that Pure Romance also works with the Patty Brisben Foundation which promotes women's sexual health. It's one thing to sell pleasurable products but to also do their part in uplifting and educating women about their sexual well being is pretty awesome in my book! To learn more about the foundation and how Pure Romance is helping please visit http://pureromance.com/about-us/charitable-work/.

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16 February 2012

China Glaze Introduces Capitol Colours Collection

With THE HUNGER GAMES about to begin, Capitol citizens can show their support for their chosen district through China Glaze®’s exclusive Capitol Colours nail polish collection. The collection combines rich crèmes, soft shimmers and bold glitters to create the limited edition 12 shade nail polish collection inspired by the most anticipated movie release of the year.

The China Glaze® Capitol Colours collection includes the following shades:

Dress Me Up
A stripped down dark rose pink crème

Foie Gras 
Decadent dark crème taupe

 Fast Track 
Soft sandy brown with a gold metallic shimmer

Hook and Line
Pearlescent light grey

Stone Cold 
Matte slate grey with shimmer

Smoke and Ashes
Black-based teal with multicolored shimmer

Moss green with gold shimmer

Mahogany Magic
Reddish-brown crème

Harvest Moon
Crystalized copper shimmer

Bright orange shimmer

High-wattage gold and ruby red glitter blend

Luxe and Lush
A high octane flaky overcoat

The release of the collection follows the debut of the China Glaze® Capitol Colours consumer and beauty trade advertising campaign featuring the story’s Effie Trinket, who is assigned by the Capitol to escort and prepare the Tributes from District 12 for the 74th Annual Hunger Games. The ad features the tagline, “What will you be wearing to the opening ceremonies?,” encouraging fans of THE HUNGER GAMES to support their favorite tribute and district by wearing a corresponding shade. Full-page ads will run in the March issues of teenVOGUE, People Style Watch and InStyle.

China Glaze® Capitol Colours will be available in early March 2012 at salons and specialty beauty retailers including Sally Beauty Supply and ULTA stores, coinciding with the release of THE HUNGER GAMES in theatres March 23, 2012. Individual shades retail for $7. The collection will be available in a 12-piece counter display as well as open stock colors.

China Glaze® is free of DBP, toluene, and added formaldehyde. China Glaze® nail lacquers are available through salons and professional beauty supply stores nationwide. For more information, visit: www.chinaglaze.com or follow China Glaze on Facebook and Twitter: http://twitter.com/ChinaGlaze


13 February 2012

Bring Your Skin Back To Life | 6 Anti-Aging Skincare Tips For A Fresh Youthful Glow!

It feels surreal to even say it, but I'll be 30 next year. *cringes* While the years have seemed to flown by I've gotta admit that I'm kinda looking forward to beginning a new phase of my life. With this new journey one of my focuses is to maintain a healthy lifestyle from the inside out, starting with my skin.Your skin is your personal canvas to the world and is a reflection of how well we treat it. No matter how old you are; it is important to understand that it's never too late to get a healthy, glowing and more youthful complexion. Here are a few anti-aging tips to get your skincare routine back on track. 

1. Start with a Clean Slate
One of the most important things you can do to promote a youthful appearance is to make sure that your skin is properly cleansed. There are many techniques to accomplish this; you can start simple by using an organic or natural soap and plain water. Organic soaps are usually free from man-made fragrances and chemicals that can irritate your skin. Another great resource to clean, fresh skin is making your own cleanser.  Try warmed milk, a pinch of olive oil and honey; the combination of these simple ingredients help gently strip away impurities without drying out your skin like regular soap can. You can also try over the counter cleansing products, just make sure you look for products specific to your skin type. 

2. Exfoliate
Sometimes cleansing just isn't enough. Exfoliating your skin a few times a week removes dead skin cells and impurities, revealing a smoother surface. The good thing about exfoliants is that they aren't just for your face, you can lather up in the shower and literally scrub away the grime. You can also use an over the counter exfoliant or make your own. For a  simple at-home recipe try dry oatmeal, almond oil, sea salt and fresh mint. 

3. Hydrate and Moisturize 
Remember that your skin needs to be replenished just as much as you do. When our body is thirsty we drink water, think of your skin in the same way. When your skin is dry or dull it needs moisture in order to stay hydrated and looking radiant. A great moisturizer can prevent or repair aging factors such as fine lines, wrinkles, acne, flaky skin and even crows feet. Your skin needs something to penetrate deep into your pores in order to reveal a youthful complexion. You also want to choose a moisturizer that is specific for your skin type. I have oily skin and for the longest time I thought that by skipping the moisturizer I could prevent the oil from building up, but boy was I wrong! Your skin will only feel dehydrated and will overcompensate by producing more oil. (yikes!) The key to managing oily skin is to trick your skin into thinking it has enough moisture by using an oil free formula, there are even moisturizers that have a matte finish. No matter your skin type, there is a moisturizer just for you.   

4. Give The Makeup a Break
This may be a tough one to digest for some but when it comes to our face one of the key elements to a youthful appearance is to just let it breathe! Makeup can clog pores and cause acne. I personally don't wear it often but if you are one of those lovely people who just can't live without your foundation try this tip; instead of applying a full coverage foundation, use a tinted moisturizer or a bronzer. Both products are lightweight and leave your skin breathable and less vulnerable to breakouts. There are even foundations on the market that promote skin health and claim to fight blemishes! 

5. Read Ingredients
In this day in age being product savvy simply isn't enough. You have to know what's inside your products and how they work. Most over the counter products consist of ingredients that are hard to pronounce. A few ingredients that you should definitely stay away from or at least think carefully about putting onto your body are mineral oils and alcohols. Mineral Oils clog up your pores with excessive oils and toxins, which make it hard for the skin to get rid of it. Mineral oils tend to increase your chances of oily and acne prone skin. Alcohols you will find in a considerable amount of products and can leave your skin irritated and dry. The alcohol actually reduces the natural oils we all have in our skin, with extensive use of products with high levels can in some cases cause aging to the skin. Some of the alcohol products to pay close attention to are isopropyl, benzyl, and ethanol.

6. Reinforce a Healthy Lifestyle
Lifestyle changes are the most difficult things to incorporate in our lives. The goal to youthful skin can be as simple as changing the way you eat, exercise and reestablishing better sleeping habits. Believe it or not getting your beauty rest is not a myth. Stress hormones suppress the immune system and accelerate the aging process, so when our bodies don't get enough rest you could be indirectly increasing your chances of aged skin. While you sleep your body goes through a repairing process that stimulates cell turnover. As busy as our lives may be, a good 8 hours of rest can get your skin back to its natural glow!


09 February 2012

Kate Walsh Introduces NEW Seductive Fragrance "Billionaire Boyfriend"

A Luxurious and Richly Emotional Fragrance.

“Evocative of the finer things in life, I created Billionaire Boyfriend for women to experience a fantasy - one that involves a glamorous, new boyfriend, one that happens to be a billionaire. The scent immerses those who wear it in ultimate, unsurpassed luxury.”- Kate Walsh

Imagine a drive down the Amalfi coast in a vintage Alfa Romeo, dripping in diamonds and radiating pure sensuality and passion - this is the fantasy of the new Boyfriend…the Billionaire Boyfriend.

Live the fantasy and let him spoil you with the second in Kate’s indulgent fragrance collection: Billionaire Boyfriend – a lavish, decadent expression of seduction and opulence. The brilliant and seductive note of black jasmine amber is at the heart of this intoxicating fragrance that opens up with succulent fruits of bergamot, tangerine and lush green leaves. The scent then blooms into a provocative blend of black jasmine, velvet orchid, gardenia and patchouli flower and then golden amber notes finish the alluring and luxurious experience.

The bottle design was inspired by a special reserve vintage champagne bottle. Beautifully tarnished, strong and elegant, the bottle is a true reflection of luxury and opulent style.

Blended with only the rarest, most sought-after ingredients and housed in a timeless and sophisticated bottle – Billionaire Boyfriend plunges straight into the heart of its wearer, connecting with their lustful and lavish desires.

Availability: NEW Billionaire Boyfriend is available at all Sephora stores nationwide, www.sephora.com andwww.hsn.com starting February 2012.

For a look inside the Billionaire Boyfriend lifestyle visit our YouTube page: www.youtube.com/katewalsh

Suggested Retail Price:
Eau de Parfum, 1.7 oz. / 50 ml: $75.00
Eau de Parfum, .5 oz. / 15 ml: $45.00
Pulse Point Oil Rollerball, .4 oz. oz. / 12 ml: $22.00
Travel Body Crème, 3.4 oz. / 100 ml: $25.00 (HSN.com exclusive)


OPI Kicks Off New York Fashion Week with Lauren Moffatt + Bright Orange Nails

OPI has kicked off the Fall 2012 shows doing the nails for Lauren Moffatt’s presentation at The Old School (a Catholic school turned events space) yesterday morning! The bright orange hue, A Good Man-darin Is Hard to Find was used on models’ nails. Nails were made short and squoval (square and oval ) to give fall looks the right pop of bright color. Orange will continue to a big color for nails throughout the year!

A Good Man-darin Is Hard to Find


08 February 2012

BITE Beauty Perfects Lips for Valentine's Day!

Prep and Perfect Your Pucker for Valentine's Day 

Whether you’re prepping for a romantic date with someone special or toasting with your gal pals over a bottle of red, BITE Beauty offers all the products to achieve that perfect pout with the powerful ingredients from your favorite Merlot.

Fusing amazing color with the anti-aging benefits of red wine Resveratrol, each Bite lipstick delivers the antioxidant equivalent offive glasses of red wine to restore and maintain youthful looking lips, without the nasty hangover.

To achieve that flawless kisser, BITE introduces their delicious Whipped Cherry Fruit Scrub to exfoliate and banish dry, chapped lips. Kiss that feathery, flakey lipstick look goodbye! Whipped Cherry Scrub sloughs away dead skin to reveal a smooth canvas for color application.

Once lips are silky smooth, pick your poison… BITE offers a stunning range of poppy pinks, seductive berries, racy reds and sultrynudes. From lipsticks to glosses and pencils to sheer balms, BITE has those lips covered…. xoxo 

All BITE products are available at Sephora.com for $18-24 USD.


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