30 March 2012

Bite Beauty | Luminous Creme Lipstick & High Pigment Pencils | Review + Swatches

I'm really just starting to explore when it comes to makeup and color. I used to only gravitate towards neutrals and earth tones because I was afraid to try something different. But now, when it comes to my lips I'm starting to really venture out and experiment with new shades. Bite Beauty has a wonderful collection of lip products that range from glosses, lipsticks, pencils, lip scrubs, butters and rouges. One of the cool things about Bite Beauty is that each product is formulated with the anti-aging benefits of red wine Resveratrol, each Bite lipstick delivers the antioxidant equivalent of five glasses of red wine designed to restore and maintain youthful looking lips.

Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick

Bite Beauty High Pigment Matte Pencils
Pomegranate and Grapevine


Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick

Bite Beauty High Pigment Matte Pencil

Bite Beauty High Pigment Matte Pencil

Glow: I'll start with the Luminous Creme Lipstick, Barlo has sort of a mild plummy tone to it. I actually expected the shade to be a bit deeper than it is but for some reason it still works. I like that it has a soft tone and it's not overbearing. The formula of the lipstick goes on super smooth and creamy and it was very moisturizing almost like a balm. You could totally make this color pop by adding a liner or brighter gloss but it works just as good alone. The High Pigment Matte Pencils definitely took me by surprise. The color payoff is awesome and I love that they are buildable, you can either wear it as a light pop of color or build it to really stand out. Both colors Pomegranate and Grapevine are very bold. Although Grapevine is not so "grape" after all, it's more so of a vibrant powdery pink which is a little too bright for my liking and not very wearable for my complexion. Pomegranate is a genuine candy red, so if you're fearful of bright colors this one will have you trembling in your stilettos ;o)

Glare: Now I don't know if I was over handling it or not but I somehow managed to break the lipstick after only a second use which sucks because I really like it lol.  But hey it's still usable and I plan to wear it regardless. Also this isn't really a con but just a heads up that the High Pigment Matte Pencils are not really that "matte" but has more of a satin-like finish.

Would I Recommend It? I would! The lipstick and pencils go on smooth and are long wearing. I really love that all of the colors are so pigmented and vibrant.  You definitely won't have any issue with not getting enough color payoff. Bite Beauty also has a nice selection of colors to choose from so your're surely guaranteed to find something that works for you.

Where To Buy: All BITE products are available at Sephora.com and range from $18-24. The Luminous Creme Lipstick and High Pigment Matte Pencils are both $24 each.
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29 March 2012

Nail Junkie | Superstar Nail Lacquer in Rising Star Razzberry | Review + Swatches

If you're not familiar with Superstar Nail Lacquer then it's definitely time to become acquainted. I first introduced this line in a previous post  a little over a year ago. Today, the brand created and owned by entrepreneur Ariana Pierce continues to grow and make notable moves in the beauty industry.  

OK so I've been eyeing this particular color for a while now and finally decided to buy it, oh and I'm SO glad I did :o) Check out swatches and my full review below. 

Superstar Nail Lacquer 
Rising Star Razzberry


Glow: Rising Star Razzberry is SUPER vibrant! It's a gorgeous hot pink with tons of holographic glitters which has hints of fuchsia, blue, green and yellow. I absolutely love this color because it's highly pigmented and perfect for summer! What I love most about it are the sparkles which really make the shade pop! The formula is good and goes on smooth. I only used two coats in the swatches above. It also dries really fast which is what I love most about the Superstar Nail Lacquer brand. I mean who doesn't wan't fast drying polish?

Glare: Nothing bad but the polish dries with sort of a matte like finish so for optimum shine you definitely want to use a top coat.

Would I Recommend It? Sure would and I already have lol! I currently have 3 other shades from this brand and I'll definitely be ordering more bright colors very soon!

Where To Buy: Rising Star Razzberry is currently available online and retails for $10. To purchase, learn more, or to see the entire Superstar Nail Lacquer Collection please visit http://superstarnaillacquer.com/.

Product(s) in this post were purchased by me. 

28 March 2012

Need To Unwind? Try Finding Your Happy Place with Friends and a Margarita!

After a long grueling day the only thing most of us want to think about is winding down. Maybe you need to alleviate stress from a long work week or maybe you're like me and need a quick change of atmosphere to recharge your mind  from studying hard and making weekly deadlines with school. Whatever the case, you owe it to yourself to step out and enjoy the little things that make you smile. For me, that starts with finding my happy place. I love to laugh, I enjoy music, and I like art and poetry! What I love more than those things is spending time with my family and friends. My happy place is quality time with the ones I love. 

What better way to unwind and reset your mood than to spend a night out catching up and sipping margarita's with your friends? One of the places my girlfriends and I love to frequent when we need a brief  getaway is Chili's. They have a great selection of yummy drinks and delicious food. My favorites are their Southwestern Eggrolls and the Tropical Sunrise Margarita! So whenever you're looking to relax or have some much needed fun just remember to do something that makes you smile!  

What do you do to find your happy place? 

When you need an escape from the daily grind, or just a place to unwind with friends, go to your Margarita Place. Go to Chili's. Our daily specials on margarita's & appetizers are the perfect excuse for you and your friends to get together after work. Premium margarita's, boneless buffalo wings and hanging out with friends at Chili's-there's no better way to end your day.  

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Chili's via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of my own and are not indicative of the opinions or the positions of Chili's. 

27 March 2012

Get Beyoncé's "Blue Ivy" Nail Polish by Nails Inc in "Baker Street" | Review + Giveaway

We all remember Beyoncé's jaw dropping return when she made her first public appearance since giving birth to daughter Blue Ivy a little over a month ago. Aside from her stunning post baby body one of the things that stood out most were her vibrant blue nails; sort of her personal dedication to baby Blue. I've been eyeing that polish since I first got a glimpse and I've finally got my hands on it! The nail polish is by the UK company Nails Inc in their brand new shade Baker Street. I've totally fallen in love with this color and I'm offering my readers a chance to fall in love too! Check out my full review and swatches below and enter the giveaway to win your very own bottle of Baker Street by Nails Inc! 

Baker Street by Nails Inc.

Glow: For starters this color is a super vivacious and vibrant shade of blue. The flash on my camera sort of washes out the complete awesomeness of the shade but the true color of this polish is more of a royal or cobalt blue. It's really bright and a conversation starter to say the least. I've only worn it out once since buying it and I received tons of compliments! The formula is pretty rich and consistent. I used two coats in the swatches above but you can totally get away with only one and still get full coverage!

Glare: I've only officially been wearing the polish for about 48 hours now and have already noticed slight chipping on two of my nails :o( I have been washing dishes and doing other various household things so it could be attributed to that. Booooo to being domesticated LOL! ;o)

Would I Recommend It? Yessss! This is honestly my new favorite color, I've been searching for a stand out shade of blue for quite awhile and Baker Street definitely delivers and turns heads ;o)

Where To Buy: Baker Street by Nails Inc. is currently available on their website http://nailsinc.com/ but do note they only ship to the UK through their site. But fortunately for those of us who live in the US the polish is also available on Sephora's website and retails for $9.50 each!


If you're totally in love with this polish like I am then here's your chance to win! One lucky winner will receive their very own bottle of Baker Street nail polish by Nails Inc! Simply use the widget below for instructions to enter. Good Luck! (It may take a second for the widget to load, if you're having trouble please refresh or leave me a comment)


26 March 2012

7 Daily Skincare Sins: The Do's and Don'ts

As much as we try to maintain our skins healthy glow we don't often realize that some of the things we do on a daily basis can actually do more damage than good. Skin is a natural protector and the largest organ of our body; which is why we should nourish and try to improve the way we take care of it. Are you guilty of any of the 7 Daily Skincare Sins? See what made the list below and check out simple fixes that can eliminate some of your bad skincare habits. 

1. DON'T Pick At Your Acne
Acne can be annoying and embarrassing but popping your pimples can cause unwanted irritation and leave unsightly blemishes and permanent scars. It can also make you more prone to infection and cause more acne. Pimples are usually filled with built up bacteria such as oil, dirt and dead skin cells. So squeezing a pimple can actually force the build up further inward and can can seriously infect the skin.

DO: With technology on the rise there are heat activated pimple zappers and devices that help reduce acne on the spot but that can get expensive. If you absolutely must pop a pimple, cleanse and exfoliate the area first then try using a lukewarm cloth and apply light pressure to the affected area. You don't want to puncture the skin so try using a mask or skin product with drying abilities. These simple alternatives can reduce redness and soreness. 

2. DON'T Shower Excessively
Although warm weather is approaching and you may work up a sweat on those hot summer days, showering multiple times a day can dry out the surface of your skin's natural moisture. 

DO: If you must shower more than once a day be sure to keep your skin hydrated. Directly after showering apply a moisturizer with replenishing ingredients.

3. DON'T Use Multiple Products At Once 
We're all guilty of wanting to try out different products on our skin but using too many products at once can clog pores and cause irritation to the skin.

DO: Instead of using 5-6 products at a time, find a cleanser or moisturizer packed with multiple nourishing ingredients that target more than one problem. This helps minimize excessive product use and acts as an all-in-one solution. 

4. DON'T Caffeine 
I know how imperative it is for some to have that morning cup of coffee as an early morning pick-me-up or a fresh burst of late afternoon energy but too much caffeine can dehydrate your body and also age your skin!

DO: Drink lots of water! I know how hard it is to drink 8 glasses of water a day but it's a necessity when it comes to healthy skin. If it seems impossible to drink 8 glasses, try setting smaller goals like always carrying a bottle of water when you're on the go!

5. DON'T Over Exfoliate 
When our skin gets grimy we want to do our best to make sure that we get it squeaky clean. But using harsh scrubs and exfoliants can wreak havoc on your skin. 

DO: Choose exfoliants specific to your skincare needs and skin type. If you have sensitive skin you want to try something that's light and formulated for sensitive skin. Also be sure that you're only exfoliating once a week. scrubbing too often can make your skin more prone to irritation. 

6. DON'T Sleep In Makeup! 
No matter how beautiful your makeup still looks after a night on the town or how tired you are, going to sleep without washing it off is a huge NO-NO! Skin cells repair and replenish themselves while we sleep and  wearing makeup through the night can deter our skins self healing properties. 

DO: Always go to bed with a clean canvas! When removing your makeup you want to make sure that you  remove all of it. To ensure that there's no residue left behind invest in a good eye and makeup remover. And allow your skin to breathe and replenish as you sleep peacefully. 

7. DON'T Smoke
Not only is smoking a nasty habit to break but it's dangerous to your body internally and externally. Smoking affects the blood vessels on the surface of the skin and can reduce the amount of oxygen that is naturally supplied. Smoking can also trigger the loss of collagen production as well as cause fine lines on your face. 

DO: Eat fruits and vegetables, exercise, and ensure your body is getting the proper supply of daily nutrients.  Eating foods enriched with antioxidants and vitamins A,E, and C can prove highly beneficial to your skin. Also try taking a daily supplement, it can make up for the areas you lack with your eating habits. 


23 March 2012

IMAN Cosmetics Introduces "Sweet Temptations" Collection + Launch in GA!

IMAN Cosmetics, the beauty brand celebrating women of color, launches its spring 2012 color story “Sweet Temptations.” The perfect palette for spring, it spotlights a sexy wash of glimmering honey, citrus and berry tones for eyes and cheeks that coordinate with a juicy pop of candy colored hues for lips.

IMAN Cosmetics also has a few videos available which demonstrate how to get the perfect makeup look for Sand, Clay and Earth skintones. Check out the video below to watch IMAN Cosmetics make a face glow using their brand new Sweet Temptations Collection. 

You can check out more looks here

In addition to the launch of Sweet Temptations, IMAN Cosmetics wants to invite you to help them celebrate!  Next Saturday March 31st, IMAN Cosmetics will host a series of events at select Walmart stores throughout Georgia! All attendees will enjoy a makeover and receive a special gift with purchase of $20 or more AND a free sample of IMAN Luxury Radiance makeup enriched with minerals (while supplies last). If you're interested in attending all you need to do is RSVP here! Sounds like a lot of fun! So if you're in the area be sure to come out, I will definitely be in the building ^_^ 


21 March 2012

Aveda Premiere's NEW Spring/Summer Collection at Van Michael Salon in Atlanta

A couple of weeks ago I had the wonderful opportunity of visiting the Buckhead location of the Van Michael Salon here in Atlanta. The Van Michael Salon hosted a delightful event debuting Aveda's new Spring/Summer 2012 beauty and hair line. I must say that it's not often that I get a chance to attend local events so I was pretty excited to see what Aveda's latest collection was all about. 

As a fresh transition from Winter to Spring Aveda highlighted that it was all about vibrant color starting with an introduction to their new makeup collection for Spring/Summer 2012 -Sea Blossoms. Sea Blossoms is a limited edition palette full of seaside pastels for the eyes, lips and face.

Next up were aroma-therapeutic essentials. Talking among the ladies in attendance we could attest that we all have suffered from stress at some point in our lives. Aveda introduced a unique way to relieve stress and tension with the launch of their organic Stress-Fix aroma body care line. With notes of organic lavender; the body lotion, scented rollerball and soaking salts are sure to get your senses flowing and stress levels down. In celebration of Earth Month this April, Aveda also introduced their 2012 Light The Way limited edition Candle which is made from soy wax and also features the lavender stress relieving aroma. Aveda's Earth Month is an annual campaign that raises awareness for clean water projects around the world. 100% of the proceeds will go to the Global Greengrants Fund

Finally, we were introduced to Aveda's latest skin and hair essentials. Elemental Nature is a line of skin care starter sets derived from the old healing tradition of East India. The idea is that the spirit of natural elements such as air, fire, water and earth are found in all living things and when balanced the skin looks healthy and radiant. The various sets include Cleansers, Exfoliants, Moisturizers, Brighteners and Toners. 

Hair loss and damage is a growing concern among a number of women and men. Aveda remedies this issue with their new Invanti line. Composed of high performance ingredients the line is clinically proven to reduce hair loss by 33% also protecting it from breakage and further damage. The Invanti solutions for thinning hair regimen includes an Exfoliating Shampoo, Thickening Conditioner, and a Scalp Revitalizer. 

As an accessory to hair essentials, Aveda also introduced their Full Spectrum hair colors. Full Spectrum Protective Permanent Crème Hair Color is a 96 percent naturally-derived professional hair coloring system designed to deliver fade-resistant color in a diverse range of customizable shades with essentially damage-free results – infusing hair with incredible condition and shine.

 Jamie from Van Michael Salon modeling Aveda's Full Spectrum Hair Color

For more information on Aveda's Spring/Summer 2012 Collection, please visit www.aveda.com. For more photos from the event, feel free to visit us on Flickr


20 March 2012

Girls With Curls | Bronner Brothers "Tropical Roots" Collection | Review + Photos

Bronner Brothers has a line of hair products geared at natural hair called Tropical Roots. The line is designed to promote strong, healthy and beautiful natural hair. The products consist of Tropical Roots Stimulating Growth Oil, Shampoo Spray, Locking Gel and Twist Cream -all formulated to maintain braids, twists and locks. But what about the curly girls? Do these products work on twist and braid outs? Keep reading to find out ;o) 

Tropical Roots Stimulating Growth Oil & Shampoo Spray
The Growth Oil can be used as a finishing or styling spray or as a daily relief for dry scalps. The Shampoo Spray is a rinse-free cleanser which soothes the scalp and removes build up.

Tropical Roots Locking Gel and Twist Cream
The Locking Gel is for braids, twist, and lock maintenance which creates a lasting-firm hold with no build up. The Twist Cream helps seal the hair and promotes healthy growth. 

I have to admit that when I first learned about Tropical Roots I had a few reservations because it seemed to cater more so to individuals with braids and locks which I don't have. My hair is naturally curly so I was initially fearful about using these products because I didn't want my hair to "lock" or mat up lol. So I contacted the company to see if it was ok to use on my hair type and they ensured me that it works for natural hair styles such as twists and braid outs as well; which eased my mind a lot about trying Tropical Roots. So I went on to try the products on a braid out. 

For my braid out I used Tropical Root's Twist Cream and Locking Gel. I washed, conditioned and detangled my hair then I separated it into four sections and made about 4 plats within each section. While the hair was still damp I applied the Twist Cream before attempting each plat. 

Tropical Roots Twist Cream
It's creamy and has sort of a sparse granulated feel

Tropical Roots Locking Gel
The texture is light and not sticky 

I secured my ends with flexi rods 

The following night I took down my braids and these are the results

 I just added a twist here to pull the hair from my face. 


Glow: Let me just start by saying that I'm not very fond of braid out's in general and that I don't do them often because I never have great results with them. The braid out itself tends to look OK but my ends are the part that always give me trouble, plus they don't really last that long so I don't think they're really worth the effort for me. OK so definitely my favorite thing about Tropical Roots is that all of the products smell incredibly good! Both the Twist Cream and Locking Gel smell really fruity.What I love about the Twist Cream is that it gave my hair the hold it needed while still maintaining it's softness, it made my damp curly hair easy to braid and not unravel as I did it! I used the Locking Gel on my edges to slick them down and make them look neat, it's light and didn't make my hair hard or crunchy.

Glare: The only con I really noticed is that you have to be careful with how much of the locking gel you apply to your hair because it can create a slight build up which isn't cute! So use it sparingly!

Would I Recommend It? While I haven't had a chance to try out the growth oil or shampoo spray just yet, I actually would recommend the Twist Cream. The Locking Gel is optional because the only use I see of it for me would be for my edges. I really like the Twist Cream and honestly these results are the best I've seen from doing a braid out on myself. My hair felt soft and I loved the texture of the crinkles. Using the flexi rods definitely helped the issue with my ends but the real question here is how often do I see myself doing a braid out? Not very often. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my results but I'm all about simplicity and I just personally don't have the patience to braid my hair often. I'm queen of the wash and go's lol!

Where To Buy: Tropical Roots is currently available at Sally Beauty Stores and local Beauty Supply retailers nationwide. To learn more, purchase or to find a location nearest you please visit http://mytropicalroots.com. All Tropical Roots products are $4.49 each. Tropical Roots is also currently holding a model search to find various spokes-model's for the brand. If you're interested in entering you can check out their website, facebook or twitter page for more details.

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