26 March 2012

7 Daily Skincare Sins: The Do's and Don'ts

As much as we try to maintain our skins healthy glow we don't often realize that some of the things we do on a daily basis can actually do more damage than good. Skin is a natural protector and the largest organ of our body; which is why we should nourish and try to improve the way we take care of it. Are you guilty of any of the 7 Daily Skincare Sins? See what made the list below and check out simple fixes that can eliminate some of your bad skincare habits. 

1. DON'T Pick At Your Acne
Acne can be annoying and embarrassing but popping your pimples can cause unwanted irritation and leave unsightly blemishes and permanent scars. It can also make you more prone to infection and cause more acne. Pimples are usually filled with built up bacteria such as oil, dirt and dead skin cells. So squeezing a pimple can actually force the build up further inward and can can seriously infect the skin.

DO: With technology on the rise there are heat activated pimple zappers and devices that help reduce acne on the spot but that can get expensive. If you absolutely must pop a pimple, cleanse and exfoliate the area first then try using a lukewarm cloth and apply light pressure to the affected area. You don't want to puncture the skin so try using a mask or skin product with drying abilities. These simple alternatives can reduce redness and soreness. 

2. DON'T Shower Excessively
Although warm weather is approaching and you may work up a sweat on those hot summer days, showering multiple times a day can dry out the surface of your skin's natural moisture. 

DO: If you must shower more than once a day be sure to keep your skin hydrated. Directly after showering apply a moisturizer with replenishing ingredients.

3. DON'T Use Multiple Products At Once 
We're all guilty of wanting to try out different products on our skin but using too many products at once can clog pores and cause irritation to the skin.

DO: Instead of using 5-6 products at a time, find a cleanser or moisturizer packed with multiple nourishing ingredients that target more than one problem. This helps minimize excessive product use and acts as an all-in-one solution. 

4. DON'T Caffeine 
I know how imperative it is for some to have that morning cup of coffee as an early morning pick-me-up or a fresh burst of late afternoon energy but too much caffeine can dehydrate your body and also age your skin!

DO: Drink lots of water! I know how hard it is to drink 8 glasses of water a day but it's a necessity when it comes to healthy skin. If it seems impossible to drink 8 glasses, try setting smaller goals like always carrying a bottle of water when you're on the go!

5. DON'T Over Exfoliate 
When our skin gets grimy we want to do our best to make sure that we get it squeaky clean. But using harsh scrubs and exfoliants can wreak havoc on your skin. 

DO: Choose exfoliants specific to your skincare needs and skin type. If you have sensitive skin you want to try something that's light and formulated for sensitive skin. Also be sure that you're only exfoliating once a week. scrubbing too often can make your skin more prone to irritation. 

6. DON'T Sleep In Makeup! 
No matter how beautiful your makeup still looks after a night on the town or how tired you are, going to sleep without washing it off is a huge NO-NO! Skin cells repair and replenish themselves while we sleep and  wearing makeup through the night can deter our skins self healing properties. 

DO: Always go to bed with a clean canvas! When removing your makeup you want to make sure that you  remove all of it. To ensure that there's no residue left behind invest in a good eye and makeup remover. And allow your skin to breathe and replenish as you sleep peacefully. 

7. DON'T Smoke
Not only is smoking a nasty habit to break but it's dangerous to your body internally and externally. Smoking affects the blood vessels on the surface of the skin and can reduce the amount of oxygen that is naturally supplied. Smoking can also trigger the loss of collagen production as well as cause fine lines on your face. 

DO: Eat fruits and vegetables, exercise, and ensure your body is getting the proper supply of daily nutrients.  Eating foods enriched with antioxidants and vitamins A,E, and C can prove highly beneficial to your skin. Also try taking a daily supplement, it can make up for the areas you lack with your eating habits. 


  1. This is really great stuff-post. You did great job for this concept. Actually our skin is very sensitive so it is easily affected when it connections with atmosphere.

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