20 March 2012

Girls With Curls | Bronner Brothers "Tropical Roots" Collection | Review + Photos

Bronner Brothers has a line of hair products geared at natural hair called Tropical Roots. The line is designed to promote strong, healthy and beautiful natural hair. The products consist of Tropical Roots Stimulating Growth Oil, Shampoo Spray, Locking Gel and Twist Cream -all formulated to maintain braids, twists and locks. But what about the curly girls? Do these products work on twist and braid outs? Keep reading to find out ;o) 

Tropical Roots Stimulating Growth Oil & Shampoo Spray
The Growth Oil can be used as a finishing or styling spray or as a daily relief for dry scalps. The Shampoo Spray is a rinse-free cleanser which soothes the scalp and removes build up.

Tropical Roots Locking Gel and Twist Cream
The Locking Gel is for braids, twist, and lock maintenance which creates a lasting-firm hold with no build up. The Twist Cream helps seal the hair and promotes healthy growth. 

I have to admit that when I first learned about Tropical Roots I had a few reservations because it seemed to cater more so to individuals with braids and locks which I don't have. My hair is naturally curly so I was initially fearful about using these products because I didn't want my hair to "lock" or mat up lol. So I contacted the company to see if it was ok to use on my hair type and they ensured me that it works for natural hair styles such as twists and braid outs as well; which eased my mind a lot about trying Tropical Roots. So I went on to try the products on a braid out. 

For my braid out I used Tropical Root's Twist Cream and Locking Gel. I washed, conditioned and detangled my hair then I separated it into four sections and made about 4 plats within each section. While the hair was still damp I applied the Twist Cream before attempting each plat. 

Tropical Roots Twist Cream
It's creamy and has sort of a sparse granulated feel

Tropical Roots Locking Gel
The texture is light and not sticky 

I secured my ends with flexi rods 

The following night I took down my braids and these are the results

 I just added a twist here to pull the hair from my face. 


Glow: Let me just start by saying that I'm not very fond of braid out's in general and that I don't do them often because I never have great results with them. The braid out itself tends to look OK but my ends are the part that always give me trouble, plus they don't really last that long so I don't think they're really worth the effort for me. OK so definitely my favorite thing about Tropical Roots is that all of the products smell incredibly good! Both the Twist Cream and Locking Gel smell really fruity.What I love about the Twist Cream is that it gave my hair the hold it needed while still maintaining it's softness, it made my damp curly hair easy to braid and not unravel as I did it! I used the Locking Gel on my edges to slick them down and make them look neat, it's light and didn't make my hair hard or crunchy.

Glare: The only con I really noticed is that you have to be careful with how much of the locking gel you apply to your hair because it can create a slight build up which isn't cute! So use it sparingly!

Would I Recommend It? While I haven't had a chance to try out the growth oil or shampoo spray just yet, I actually would recommend the Twist Cream. The Locking Gel is optional because the only use I see of it for me would be for my edges. I really like the Twist Cream and honestly these results are the best I've seen from doing a braid out on myself. My hair felt soft and I loved the texture of the crinkles. Using the flexi rods definitely helped the issue with my ends but the real question here is how often do I see myself doing a braid out? Not very often. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my results but I'm all about simplicity and I just personally don't have the patience to braid my hair often. I'm queen of the wash and go's lol!

Where To Buy: Tropical Roots is currently available at Sally Beauty Stores and local Beauty Supply retailers nationwide. To learn more, purchase or to find a location nearest you please visit http://mytropicalroots.com. All Tropical Roots products are $4.49 each. Tropical Roots is also currently holding a model search to find various spokes-model's for the brand. If you're interested in entering you can check out their website, facebook or twitter page for more details.

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  1. The twist cream works great on my twist outs also. Thanks for this review.


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