27 April 2012

Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics Introduces New Products for Summer 2012

Summer fun under the sun can impart a healthy glow, but it can also leave you high and dry! Naturally revitalize and nourish thirsty lips this summer with Mighty Shiny Lip Gels. Available in seven refreshingly mouthwatering shades that are perfect for all skintones, Mighty Shiny Lip Gels are long-lasting and always petroleum, fragrance, mineral oil, and cruelty-free

     - Renew lips with Confessed, a juicy watermelon-red
     - Exposed is a crisp, sheer grape
     - Pucker up with Revealed, a sheer peach-pink with gold shimmer
     - Go au naturel with hydrating Stripped -clear with an iridescent shimmer
    -  Bared is a ripe for the picking and is a sheer, soft peach
     - Liven up with Unveiled, a sheer, shimmery bright pink

Key Ingredients include:

     - Momordica Grosvenorii Fruit Extract -the "longevity fruit," rich in antioxidants 
       to help fight free radicals that cause premature aging.
     - Jojoba Seed Oil - emollient source of Vitamin E; especially beneficial 
       for chapped, dry skin
     - Meadowfoam Seed Oil - conditioning agent that revitalizes thirsty lips
     - Sweet Almond Oil - rich in oleic acid and linoleic acids, proteins and 
       Vitamin D to soften skin 

Youngblood also introduces two new shades of their Luminous Creme Blush. The oil-free forumla contains:

     - Allantoin - a moisturizing bootanical that is an effective anti-irritant
     - Jojoba Esters - an excellent emollient

The two new shades include:

Plum Satin 
A rose-berry shade with a hint of shimmer

Pink Cashmere 
A lively, matter carnation pink 

Photo Credit: Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics


26 April 2012

GIVEAWAY | Win nuNAAT's Ultra Keratin Touch Smoothing Kit

nuNAAT's Ultra Keratin Touch is a revolutionary, new volume reducing and smoothing treatment that works with the natural textures of your hair. This quick and easy, do-it-yourself hair smoothing system is suitable for all hair types and lasts up to 30 days. Very curly hair will become smoother, while naturally straight hair will appear healthier and shinier. Extremely coarse hair types will see a reduction in frizz and curl. All hair types will notice restored shine and bounce for an all-natural look.

Each kit includes Ultra Care Shampoo, Ultra Smoothing Gloss and Ultra Care Conditioner and is retailed at $24.99. For more info please visit http://www.ultrakeratintouch.com/ and http://nunaat.com/.

Two lucky winners will win their very own nuNAAT Ultra Keratin Touch Kit. This contest is open to U.S. residents only and ALL entries will be verified! Use the widget below for instructions and to enter. Good Luck! (It may take a second for the widget to load, if you're having trouble please refresh or leave me a comment)


24 April 2012

OPI | Minnie Mouse Inspired Collection | Swatches + Review

If you're a Disney fan then OPI's new Vintage Minnie Mouse Collection should definitely be on your radar. The collection features 4 limited edition shades each inspired by Minnie Mouse -one of Disney's most beloved characters. The line includes a pink crème lacquer, one frosted red shade, a shimmery fuchsia, and a heart glitter confetti. Check out swatches and my full review below. 

The Color Of Minnie

I'm All Ears

If You Moust You Moust

Nothin' Mousie 'Bout It
Paired with If You Moust You Moust

Glow: Like always with OPI the formula in each lacquer is consistent and goes on super smooth. If I have to pick a favorite out of the bunch it's definitely  If You Moust You Moust - a prissy clear pink micro-glitter filled with light pink hearts. 

Glare: The cremes didn't really do it for me this go round because the colors seem so typical and like something I've seen before. I really expected to see a wider range of shades than just reds and pinks. I'm hoping that they decide to expand this collection and include more variety. 

Would I Recommend It? Eh, if you're a girly-girl and love all things Minnie then these just may be right up your alley. I'm not overjoyed about the selection of colors and honestly for a collection that sounds so exciting it's borderline boring :-/ 

Where To Buy: The limited edition Minnie Mouse Collection will be released this June. They will be available and selected retailers nationwide and each bottle retails for $8.50. To purchase or to learn more please visit http://www.opi.com/.

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OPI | The Amazing Spider-Man Collection | Swatches + Review

OPI's new limited edition Spider-Man collection is set to be released this May. The shades are inspired by  Sony Pictures movie The Amazing Spider-Man which comes out in July. This collection features six new shades along with a shatter. Check out swatches and my review of the full collection below. 

Your Web Or Mine?
A pink frost

Into The Night
A blue shimmer

Number One Nemesis
A dark shimmery green

 Just Spotted The Lizard
A gold/green duo-chrome 

My Boyfriend Scales The Walls 
 A crisp creme white

 Call Me Gwen-Ever
A bright coral

Shatter The Scales 
Paired With Your Web Or Mine?

Shatter The Scales
Paired with My Boyfriend Scales The Walls 

Shatter The Scales
Paired with Call Me Gwen-Ever

Glow: Out of all of these I think my favorite by far is Just Spotted The Lizard. I like it because it has such a 2 dimensional tone to it, the duo-chrome finish reflects gold and green. I also love that they included a shatter with this collection because when paired with a few of these shades it really gives way to the Spider-Man theme they were going for.

Glare: Well...I must be honest and say that when I initially saw this collection I would've never predicted some of the shades that are included. But I guess they were going for something less predictable. I just find some of the colors weird like the pink and coral. With Spider-Man being such a recognizable character I just expected colors like a bold red and maybe a bright blue. The green shatter looks amazing on the bright colors but it has much less of an appeal when paired with some of the darker shades. 

Would I Recommend It? Any true Spider-Man fan would probably be more than pleased with this collection. I like the collection overall but I'm not sure that there are any must-have's in my opinion. 

Where To Buy: The full Spider-Man collection is set to hit stores this May. Each bottle retails for about $8.50 and are available at selected retailers nationwide. To purchase or to learn more please visit  http://www.opi.com/.

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23 April 2012

Girls With Curls | Softn'Free's "Nothing But" Natural Hair Collection | Photos + Review

So you know that I'm still on my quest to find the best natural hair products or at least the ones that work best for me. Which is why I'm always enthused to try new products! Softn'free has introduced Nothing But,  their new full range natural hair care line. The collection includes seven products, each designed to take care of your specific natural hair care needs. The unique thing about Nothing But is that while they don't consist of 100% natural ingredients they are free of the 5 common harsh ingredients found in most hair products including; petrolatum, mineral oil, sulfates, parabens, colorants or phthalates. 

Products in the collection include a Clarifying Shampoo, Cleansing Conditioner, Intense Healing Mask, Curly Pudding, Curl Wake Up Spray, Curl Sealer and Mold & Hold Wax. Check out my review of the entire collection below.

Nothing But 
Clarifying Shampoo & Curl Wake Up Spray

The Clarifying Shampoo is designed to gently cleanse the hair and scalp. I really like this shampoo mainly because of its cleansing properties. I have oily hair which means that there's usually a build up when it's time to wash my hair so using a shampoo that has the ability to get my hair squeaky clean is ideal for me. The shampoo lathered really well and the formula is rich so a little goes a long way. I haven't had a chance to use the Curl Wake Up Spray yet but it is a virtually weightless natural shine booster, that is supposed to make curls rise and shine. 

Nothing But
Cleansing Conditioner & Intense Healing Mask

The Cleansing Conditioner is a gentle co-wash that's designed to leave the curl pattern intact after cleansing. After shampooing my hair I followed up with the cleansing conditioner. The formula of the conditioner didn't have the thickness that I'm used to but I suppose that's because of its "cleansing" properties. It didn't really work well for my hair because the product didn't really help to detangle my curls. I have to admit that's a huge let down for me because detangling is the most important part of my hair routine.

The Intense Healing Mask is formulated to give curls the ability to absorb moisture from all sides, balancing each strand's porosity. Ringlets and spirals become strong and resistant to breakage, even when combed. After cleansing my hair with the shampoo and conditioner I followed with the Intense Healing Mask, per directions I combed it through my damp hair and left it on for about 10-15 minutes. While I haven't used this mask long enough to see it's healing properties I did notice that my hair felt smooth and tamed as I rinsed it out.

Nothing But
Curly Pudding, Mold & Hold Wax & Curl Sealer

The Curly Pudding is a smooth textured cream that's perfect for wash-and-wear styles including curls, locks and two-strand twists. I have to be honest that I don't have an avid interest in puddings and creams on my hair because they don't always give me much curl definition.

The Curl Sealer is easily my favorite out of the collection. It's designed to add shine and maintain moisture. It definitely delivered, it gave my hair tons of definition and minimized the frizz! 

The Mold & Hold Wax supposedly has a non-flake formula that makes versatile styling of twists, locks and knots much easier. As soon as I opened the wax I was extremely intimated because the formula is really stiff and appears to be hard. I have semi-fine hair so using this all over my head was not an option for me because I feared it may cause crunchiness or breakage. Now it may work well with styles like braids and twist-outs but I don't do those much. Instead I used it to tame my edges and it definitely works like a gel. Unfortunately once it dried it did flake up so I'm glad I didn't use this all over my hair. 

Nothing But
Curly Pudding
The texture is super creamy! 

Nothing But
Mold & Hold Wax
The wax is really thick and sorta hard but it begins to melt as you rub it through your hands.

Below are my results after trying a wash and go using the Nothing But Curly Pudding As you can tell I didn't get a whole lot of definition and there was a little frizz and quite a bit of shrinkage but overall my hair came out okay once it dried.

I decided to try the Curly Pudding out on another style, this time a braid out.I separated my wet hair in four sections then set each section with the curly pudding and  had a total of eight braids. I allowed it to air dry overnight and took them down the next day.

Here I separated each section with my fingers to make it fuller. 

This time I tried my luck again at another wash and ago but using the Curl Sealer.
I liked my results, my curls were more defined and less frizzy.

Glow: All of the products in the Nothing But Collection have sort of a citrus smell which is indicative of their cleansing properties. I like that about the shampoo specifically because I tend to gravitate towards shampoos that promote squeaky clean hair. I also really love Nothing But's "honest care" approach by labeling the key ingredients that are not included right on the front of every container. The entire line is also very affordable which is a huge plus! 

Glare: The cons for me were that out of all these products none of them really brought focus on detangling and every curly girl knows that a good detangler is a must have! Also I didn't really feel as though the conditioner was that moisturizing on my hair and out of the bunch it is my least favorite.The Curl Sealer seemed to be the most moisturizing out of the entire collection for me.

Would I Recommend It? The important thing to remember is that everyone's hair is different and will react differently to various products. So the key is to discover what works best for your hair type. While a couple of these didn't necessarily work that well for my hair they may do wonders for someone else. I would definitely recommend the shampoo, curly pudding, and curl sealer. Each of these worked pretty well on my hair and I can honestly see myself using them again.

Where To Buy: Softn'Free's Noting But Collection retails from $7.99-$10.99 and is currently available at select beauty supply stores nationwide. To purchase or to learn more please visit http://www.nothingbuthaircare.com.
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16 April 2012

Nail Junkie | Wet n Wild MegaLast Nail Polish | Review + Swatches

I'm really starting to fall in love all over again with Wet n Wild beauty products. Mainly because they've really started to improve on the overall quality of their products. WnW used to be such a hit or miss with me but lately they've been producing nothing but hits! Which brings me to their new MegaLast Nail Polish collection. The collection has an all new formula and brush design and is formulated to get longer overall wear. I was at my local Walgreens a few weeks ago and picked up a couple colors from the MegaLast collection.

Wet n Wild MegaLast Nail Polish

I Need A Refresh Mint
A minty green

A deep mauve 

Glow: I'm in LOVE with the thick brush! It's makes painting your nails such a breeze! I've noticed that a lot of brands are now trying to incorporate larger brushes on nail lacquers which makes me a very happy woman :-D It makes it easier to apply and get an even coverage within the first 1-2 coats!

Glare: The bristles on the brush are a little rigged so you may want to cut the strays away. Also the thickness of the stem of the brush was a little awkward, a lot of polish clings on to the stem which makes it necessary to make sure you wipe it off to avoid a drippy mess! While I love the actual size of the brush I think they could've constructed the stem part a little better, maybe thinner? Oh and one more thing, apparently China Glaze has a minty green polish with a very similar name that's caused a bit of an e-controversy...hmmm...I mean in retrospect there are a LOT of brands out there with a LOT of different names, so maybe it's just a pesky coincidence? ;o)

Would I Recommend It? YES! I'm really happy to see Wet n Wild stepping their  nail polish game up. I can't really give my insight on how long they actually "last" just yet because I haven't had the chance to wear it long enough (as I'm always repainting my nails) but I do plant to try a couple more colors and will update you in a later review.

Where To Buy: WnW is sold at various retailers, I purchased these from my local Walgreens for about $3 each. I'm sure prices and colors vary per store so you can check out their website http://wnwbeauty.com/ for more info.

Product(s) in this post were purchase by me. 

12 April 2012

Mally Beauty Introduces NEW 24/7 Professional Gel Polish System

When it comes to trailblazing new beauty solutions, Mally Roncal is no stranger to firsts: the first to create “bulletproof” makeup that really stays put and the first to develop a truly clear translucent powder with her one-of-a-kind Face Defender formula. Now, Mally is revolutionizing the beauty landscape again as the first makeup artist to create a gel polish manicure kit that includes everything you need from start to finish! Here are four reasons to try the Mally’s 24/7 Professional Gel Polish System:

· Lasts up to two full weeks; approximately twice the length of a traditional manicure.
· Easy to apply and provides a glossier finish than traditional manicures.
· Will not chip! It can withstand constant hand washing, typing, opening boxes, cooking, and is the perfois solution for that week-long vacation!
· Completely dries as soon as your manicure is done since the UV light bakes it right in!
· You can apply this easy-to-use Gel Polish System from the comfort of your home!

Mally will be introducing the 24/7 Professional Gel Polish System exclusively on QVC beginning April 13th at 10pmET, giving women the education they need to be their own nail experts at home.


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