12 April 2012

Mally Beauty Introduces NEW 24/7 Professional Gel Polish System

When it comes to trailblazing new beauty solutions, Mally Roncal is no stranger to firsts: the first to create “bulletproof” makeup that really stays put and the first to develop a truly clear translucent powder with her one-of-a-kind Face Defender formula. Now, Mally is revolutionizing the beauty landscape again as the first makeup artist to create a gel polish manicure kit that includes everything you need from start to finish! Here are four reasons to try the Mally’s 24/7 Professional Gel Polish System:

· Lasts up to two full weeks; approximately twice the length of a traditional manicure.
· Easy to apply and provides a glossier finish than traditional manicures.
· Will not chip! It can withstand constant hand washing, typing, opening boxes, cooking, and is the perfois solution for that week-long vacation!
· Completely dries as soon as your manicure is done since the UV light bakes it right in!
· You can apply this easy-to-use Gel Polish System from the comfort of your home!

Mally will be introducing the 24/7 Professional Gel Polish System exclusively on QVC beginning April 13th at 10pmET, giving women the education they need to be their own nail experts at home.


  1. Gel polishes are great for people who like to have their nails done but don't always have time, aren't keen on frequent color changes and like/love a particular color. I would be going insane after a day or two using something like this...I like change too much...LMAO. This system (or gel polishes period) would definitely NOT work for me.

    1. LOL!! I'm with you Tini! I like change on my nails too I think gels would work better on a pedicure for me, although my regular pedicures usually last awhile too.

  2. The nail tech who did my gel polish said I could polish over the gel if I wanted a change. She said the polish would come off using regular polish remover, leaving the gel manicure intact. I didn't try this myself so I would be interested in hearing if this actually works.

  3. I have done this, many times, in the past. It works great but actually, my nails look so good, shiny, with beautiful color that I have found that I don't bother changing the color anymore unless it's a special function and my clothes really necessitate a different color, then I paint them and remove it in the next day or two.


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