24 April 2012

OPI | The Amazing Spider-Man Collection | Swatches + Review

OPI's new limited edition Spider-Man collection is set to be released this May. The shades are inspired by  Sony Pictures movie The Amazing Spider-Man which comes out in July. This collection features six new shades along with a shatter. Check out swatches and my review of the full collection below. 

Your Web Or Mine?
A pink frost

Into The Night
A blue shimmer

Number One Nemesis
A dark shimmery green

 Just Spotted The Lizard
A gold/green duo-chrome 

My Boyfriend Scales The Walls 
 A crisp creme white

 Call Me Gwen-Ever
A bright coral

Shatter The Scales 
Paired With Your Web Or Mine?

Shatter The Scales
Paired with My Boyfriend Scales The Walls 

Shatter The Scales
Paired with Call Me Gwen-Ever

Glow: Out of all of these I think my favorite by far is Just Spotted The Lizard. I like it because it has such a 2 dimensional tone to it, the duo-chrome finish reflects gold and green. I also love that they included a shatter with this collection because when paired with a few of these shades it really gives way to the Spider-Man theme they were going for.

Glare: Well...I must be honest and say that when I initially saw this collection I would've never predicted some of the shades that are included. But I guess they were going for something less predictable. I just find some of the colors weird like the pink and coral. With Spider-Man being such a recognizable character I just expected colors like a bold red and maybe a bright blue. The green shatter looks amazing on the bright colors but it has much less of an appeal when paired with some of the darker shades. 

Would I Recommend It? Any true Spider-Man fan would probably be more than pleased with this collection. I like the collection overall but I'm not sure that there are any must-have's in my opinion. 

Where To Buy: The full Spider-Man collection is set to hit stores this May. Each bottle retails for about $8.50 and are available at selected retailers nationwide. To purchase or to learn more please visit  http://www.opi.com/.

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  1. Not crazy about this collection. I like the coral color though, but I have one already.

  2. Yeah, where is the bright blue? I really like Into The Night, Number One Nemesis, Just Spotted The Lizard, and even My Boyfriend Scales The Walls. *adding to my wishlist now*

  3. "Just Spotted the Lizard" is my favorite too. I love the way it looks different depending on the light! And yeah, I looked at this collection and thought, "Where the heck is the red?" It's a very cool collection, though. :)


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