31 May 2012

Your Local Drugstore Is Practically Giving Sinful Colors Nail Lacquer Away!!

Sigh, I hate to admit it but almost every trip to any drugstore I end up leaving with a handful of nail polish. I absolutely adore the Sinful Colors brand and have been buying their products for a couple of years now. I've always bought them from my local beauty supply stores and I believe they are like $1.99 there. But recently I learned that Walgreens also sells them so I decided to go check out their stash. To my surprise they were only .99 !!!! WHAT?! Now I don't know if this was a sale price or not but it was definitely a steal so you know I had to jump on it! LOL I mean the polish is already dirt cheap but Walgreens is practically giving it away and I'm not complaining ^_^

And the good part is that the formula is actually pretty darn good! I mean at .99 a pop I could've easily bought the entire display O_O but I decided that I would be rational and only buy a few bottles lol.

Dream On

This shade is sort of a dark magenta with purple undertones. For some reason it was a little streaky and I had to apply a few coats to get it completely opaque. Also, I don't normally apply a top coat when I do swatches (only a base coat/ridge filler underneath) but I had to for this one because it was kinda dull looking. 

 Why Not

This blue is popping but unfortunately it's not as bright in person. I love pretty much all shades of blue, I knew this was a keeper as soon as I laid eyes on it. I used about 3 coats, still a bit streaky in a few areas.

 Boogie Nights

Well it definitely makes me want to boogie ;o) I love this color! It's like a red-orange but with more coral tones to it. It really pops, I used about 2-3 coats for this one.

Sinful Colors also used to sell lipgloss too and I REALLY liked it, but I haven't been able to find it anywhere anymore....and that makes me sad :o( It was really good gloss and they had a nice selection of shades, they kinda reminded me of NYX. And I really hate that Sinful Colors website has been under construction for like....forever x_x It really pisses me off when brands just decide to stop selling stuff out of the blue especially when you've grown to love it so much :-/ I don't know if they've just taken the lipgloss out of my area or whether it's been discontinued all together *sigh*

Product(s) in this post were purchased by me. 


  1. Grr Iwas just in walgreen's yesterday. I love the blue and coral on you.


    1. no worries they're always there lol! ^_^

  2. I keep walking by these. Maybe I will pick up a few.

  3. I always go to walgreens and get sinful colors. I just love their line


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