20 July 2012

Girls With Curls | White Sands Curl Up In Silk Firm Hold Mousse | Review + Photos

I've learned that the best way to manage my curls is to stick with products that I know work for my hair type. While there are tons of natural hair products on the market right now, I've run into the same problem which is that the majority of them don't really give me great results. While all the hair butters, smoothies, jellies, and creams sound good, I just haven't had much success. I've used various brands of mousse over the years and it has easily become one of my most trustworthy hair products because it always seem to deliver.

White Sands has a new silk infused curl and blowout product called Curl Up In Silk Firm Hold MousseCurl Up in Silk Firm Hold Mousse softly holds curls, creating texture, dimension, waves, and volume: the perfect styling product for curl definition and hold. Yet, despite its firm hold, Curl Up in Silk provides a light, flexible feel free of unwanted flaking and product build up, leaving hair silky, shiny and soft. What's unique about Curl Up in Silk is that it isn't strictly for curls but also for round-brush styling which gives your hair body and fullness for the perfect blowout, every time. 

White Sands Curl Up in Silk Firm Hold Mousse

Check out my lovely results!

Glow: I've been testing this product out all week and I'm definitely pleased with the results. I do wash & go styles pretty much everyday during the summer so I ideally like to use products that aren't harsh on my hair. The formula of the Curl In Silk Mousse is super foamy and lightweight. I allow my hair to dry naturally throughout the day and the mousse leaves my curls super soft and with lots of bounce! It's pretty humid and hot here in Atlanta and I was pleasantly surprised at how my hair remained in tact and didn't get frizzy or turn into a huge puff by the end of the day ^_^

Glare: This may sound weird but the bottle is pretty tall and you have to release the product at an angle to get a good consistency into the palm of your hand, while that's nothing different from most mousses I kinda prefer pump dispensers because it just makes it easier for me. It's definitely not a huge con for me though just more of a preference. I also really love that the mousse doesn't feel sticky. 

Would I Recommend It? I would! I haven't tried it with an alternate style yet such as a blowout but I can't wait to see how that works out for me. 

Where To Buy: White Sands Curl Up In Silk Firm Hold Mousse retails for $19.50 and is avialable for purchase at fine salons and online at http://www.whitesandsproducts.com.

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