14 August 2012

Janelle Monáe Introduced As Covergirl's Newest Face!

I was on twitter earlier and saw Janelle Monáe tweet some really exciting news which was that Covergirl has chosen her as their newest face for the brand. If you're not familiar with Janelle, she's a 26 year old spunky songstress with a signature style that includes a tuxedo, a pompadour, and bold red lips! She's such a cutie and I'm really happy for her and I can't wait to see how they use her within the brand. What I love most about Covergirl is that they never compromise their models true style and image (Ellen, Queen Latifah etc) which I think is what makes them all the more relatable as a brand overall.

To learn more about Janelle's collaboration with Covergirl you can check out Vogue's write up about it here. But in the mean time get a sneak peak at a couple of her promo ads below!

Janelle sings for Covergirl.


  1. I love Janelle Monae!!! I went to see her perform in Atlanta back in 2007 while she was still underground and I've been in love ever since! I'm excited for her and for Covergirl. I love how diverse their brand is.


    1. Oh wow! I can only imagine how great she is live, I must go see her one day! I agree, I love Covergirls diversity!

  2. Excellent choice! Beautiful girl!


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