27 September 2012

OPI So So Skullicious Mini Lacquer Set for Halloween | Review + Swatches

The holidays are near!!! I always look forward to seeing what my fave brands have in store for their holiday collections especially nail polish. OPI has released a Halloween mini lacquer set called So So Skullicious. The pack includes four Dia de los Muertos-inspired nail lacquers. Check out swatches and my full review below! 

OPI So So Skullicious Mini Lacquer Set

Be all aglow in this flame yellow

Hi, Pumpkin! 
This jack-o-lantern orange is sweet on you


A-Rose from the Dead
This hot pink is the life of the Halloween party


Mourning Glory
A black so shiny, it will lift your spirits

The set also comes with cute nail decals! 

Glow: I love the presentation and packaging of this set, it definitely get's you in the mindset for Halloween. My favorite shades out of the four are Candlelight which is sort of a mustard yellow and Morning Glory -a jet black creme.

Glare: These polishes are teeny! Hence "mini" lacquers -duh! While they're cute to look at unfortunately they're not for someone with fat fingers like me lol (also hence the messy nails). I kept feeling like the brush was just going to pop out of my hand and dive across the room at any given dramatic moment. Alas it didn't but it was still quite a challenge to apply. Though Candlelight is my favorite color it was my least favorite to apply. It's pretty streaky and took me 4 coats to get an even opaque coverage. 

Would I Recommend It? Ehh, the shades are pretty predictable for a Halloween theme sans the pink. It's not a must have for me but it's a cute idea. I think the set might be more appealing to a much younger crowd (children). 

Where To Buy: The limited edition So So Skullicious Mini set is currently available at select retailers nationwide. To purchase, find a retailer near you, or to learn more please visit http://opi.com.

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26 September 2012

Girls With Curls: Miss Jessie's Pillow Soft Curls Review + Photos

I think it's been a minute since I've done a hair post around these parts so I thought I'd go ahead and fix that :-) My hair has grown so much this year and I'm in awe of it! For the most part I've been trying to stay away from using heat so I've been doing wash and go's with an occasional blowout and press here and there. A few weeks ago Miss Jessie's had a 50% off sale on all products on the website. It was too good of a deal to pass up so I purchased a couple of things including Pillow Soft Curls.

This is actually my first time ever posting about her products though I've tried a couple of them in the past. Honestly, the brand is sort of a hit and miss for me so I don't really consider myself a fan just yet. There's been a lot of drama with the Miss Jessie's brand over the past few years though they continue to thrive pretty well in the natural hair community. Personally, my first impressions were always that the products are overpriced with basic ingredients and mediocre results. I've seen some of her products priced as high as $50, and to be a brand sold at chain retailers that is absolutely ridiculous. Who's paying that? Certainly not me. Now I know they've made some major changes to their formula which is why I decided I'd give it another go.

Pillow Soft Curls is the newest addition to the brand which promises soft, full curls with lots of body. Does it deliver? Find out in my full review below! 

Miss Jessie's Pillow Soft Curls

It's blue! 

Results from a wash and go dried naturally. 

Glow: Lets start with the formula, The consistency is really lightweight and the texture and scent reminds me of baby powder or baby lotion. It smells great! Per the instructions I applied it after I washed, conditioned, and detangled my hair. I used an ample amount (about 3 small dollops) ensuring full coverage from root to end and combed it through then I allowed it to air dry throughout the day. Once it dried my curls were wavy and loosely defined. My hair also felt soft but nothing exceptionally different from any other leave-in conditioner or product.

Glare: I really didn't experience any particular cons about this product but it does claim to give you fluffy more expanded curls. I only noticed full fluffy curls towards my ends and as far as shrinkage it was pretty normal. Also, I've pretty much come to terms with the fact that I'll just never experience great next day hair. My curls always look flat and lifeless in the morning so of course I had to reset my hair with water and reapply more product in the morning.

Would I Recommend It? I would! Each day that I've worn Pillow Soft Curls it's grown on me more and more! I really like the results, my curls look shiny, well moisturized and have great definition! Although I know 'definition' is sort of the opposite of what in claims, I still like my results. I will say that while I do like my results I'm not completely sold just yet on whether or not I'd purchase it again (especially at regular price). There are just so many other products out that produce similar results at a fraction of the cost. 

Where To Buy: Pillow Soft Curls is sold online and also at various retailers nationwide. I purchased an 8.5oz on sale for half off but the regular price for this size is $22 which isn't TOO bad. And it's a decent size which could easily last me for a few months considering that I'm not using it daily.

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25 September 2012

OPI Pink of Hearts 2012 Breast Cancer Awareness Duo | Review + Swatches

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and to show their support OPI has released their sixth annual Pink of Hearts promotion. It includes a duo pack which features the classic pale pink shade I Think in Pink and the new sparkle-packed hue You Glitter Be Good to Me. The promotion is designed to raise funds in support of breast cancer research. OPI also plans to donate $25,000 in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month  to Susan G. Komen for the Cure and will also donate $5,000 to Rethink Breast Cancer in Canada.

OPI Pink of Hearts 2012 Duo

I Think in Pink

You Glitter Be Good to Me
paired with I Think in Pink

Glow: Let me just start by saying that I always look forward to the Pink of Hearts promotions because they hold a soft spot in my heart. My grandmother is a breast cancer survior and I appreciate brands who show their continued support for the cause. As far as the polishes I absolutely love the soft hue of I Think in Pink, it's sort of a sheer creme and it's super shiny! I didn't use a top coat for these swatches. I also like the pairing of You Glitter Be Good to Me with this duo. It's a micro glitter which has a mix of large glitter as well. It has shades of pink, purple and gold. I think it looks nice paired on top of I Think in Pink!

Glare: None! although it's sheer, surprisingly I Think in Pink only took 2 coats to get the shade completely opaque. I'm not a huge fan of sheer polishes but this one works out nicely. 

Would I Recommend It? If not for the polishes definitely for the cause! 

Where To Buy: The limited edition duo is currently available at select retailers nationwide. To purchase, find a location near you, or to learn more please visit www.opi.com.

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11 September 2012

OPI Introduces New Promo Sets For October Including Shades for Breast Cancer Awareness and Halloween!

OPI Launches So So Skullicious 
Mini Lacquer Set for Halloween 2012 

Celebrate the lives of the dearly departed with OPI’s festive Dia de los Muertos-inspired shades, arriving just in time for Halloween, for a limited time only. The new So So Skullicious mini pack includes four mini lacquers in supernaturally bright and bold orange, pink, yellow and black hues. 

The So So Skullicious set also includes 10 nail decals for instantaneous nail design, offering vibrant variations of the iconic Dia de los Muertos skull.

“Rather than simply be spooky this Halloween, OPI has created colors that are full of life,” explains Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Executive VP & Artistic Director. “So So Skullicious features vivid colors and fun nail decals that offer the perfect way to get festive for the holiday, whether you’re looking for a little way to show Halloween spirit, or planning to get decked out from head to nails and toes!”

So So Skullicious includes the following shades:

Hi, Pumpkin! 
This jack-o-lantern orange is sweet on you.

A-Rose from the Dead
This hot pink is the life of the Halloween party. 

Mourning Glory
A black so shiny, it will lift your spirits. 

Be all aglow in this flame yellow.

OPI Supports Breast Cancer Awareness 
with Sixth Annual Pink of Hearts Promotion 

OPI announces the launch of its sixth annual limited edition Pink of Hearts promotion, featuring the classic pale pink shade I Think in Pink and the new sparkle-packed hue You Glitter Be Good to Me. This duo pack is designed to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research and support. In 2012, OPI will donate $25,000 in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October) to Susan G. Komen for the Cure®. OPI will also donate $5,000 to Rethink Breast Cancer in Canada.

“Organizations like Susan G. Komen and Rethink Breast Cancer offer hope to everyone whose lives have been touched by breast cancer, and OPI is proud to aid these organizations’ global effort in eliminating this disease,” says Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Executive VP & Artistic Director. “Breast cancer afflicts millions of women worldwide, and Pink of Hearts is OPI’s way of creating new visibility to honor those who have valiantly battled breast cancer, and support those who continue to fight.”

Pink of Hearts 2012 includes two shades sold in one pack – the pale pink I Think in Pink and the vibrant You Glitter Be Good to Me. This sparkly lacquer is packed with both micro and macro glitters in pink and magenta, and can be worn alone or layered on top of I Think in Pink. Each bottle of I Think in Pink and You Glitter Be Good to Me nail lacquer has a special pink-ribbon cap wrap in support of breast cancer awareness.

So So Skullicious will be available for a limited time beginning September 2012 and Pink of Hearts 2012 will be available September and October 2012. For more information, please call 800-341-9999 or visit www.opi.com. Follow OPI on Twitter @OPI_PRODUCTS and become a Facebook fan!


10 September 2012

MAC Yung Rapunxel Lipstick | Review + Swatches

I stalked MAC's website after I got wind that Yung Rapunxel would be available for purchase and I bought it the second that I heard it was posted because I knew it would more than likely be in high demand. In case you missed it; in collaboration with New York's Fashion's Night Out, MAC partnered with rapper Azealia Banks to release a limited edition signature shade of lipstick. Yung Rapunxel is a dark, vampy plum color with a satin finish.

MAC Yung Rapunxel Lipstick

Check out the fine micro-glitter


MAC Yung Rapunxel Lipstick

Glow: Alright so I've bought a few other deep plum shades from MAC which I plan to review soon but so far this is definitely my favorite. I really like that it has a vampy tone to it but still has enough purple undertones to give it a subtle look. The color is also buildable, you can go light or heavy and even add another color to boost it up a little. It's very sexy and perfect for fall!

Glare: I only wore this lipstick for about 2 hours so I haven't really got a chance to test the wear like I want to. However in that short time frame I did notice that it started to wear slightly, this could be because I didn't completely wipe the chapstick off my lips before applying though. I also noticed that after removing it, it stained my lips a little but not enough to raise any eyebrows because it lifted right off. 

Would I Recommend It? I would! I cant say that I'm an Azealia Banks fan but what drew me to this lipstick is that it's very 'brown-girl' friendly. I don't really get excited about a lot of celebrity endorsed products because they tend to be very narcissistic in my opinion -all about the celeb and no consideration for the people who actually buy it. Like the Nicki Minaj Pink Friday and Viva Glam lipsticks that have been released, they aren't really flattering on a variety of skintones. So seeing a celebrity actually endorsing a shade that's just about wearable for most women is refreshing! (whether it was intended or not) 

Where To Buy: Yung Rapunxel is a limited edition shade and will only be available for a short time. It's currently available for purchase online only and retails for $15. It's one of those shades that's going to go fast so if it's on your radar you better get it while you have the chance! To purchase or to learn more visit www.maccosmetics.com.

What are your thoughts on Yung Rapunxel? Is it a must-have or will you pass?

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06 September 2012

Cuteness, Cocktails, and Blow Outs Oh My!!! DryBar Atlanta Review

I can't begin to explain how difficult it's been for me to find a regular hairstylist here in Atlanta! After years of being committed to one stylist it was a bit traumatizing to see her move out of the state, like how dare her run off and have a life? ^_^ lol! OK so after getting off of my pouting soapbox, I decided that my quest to find another stylist has been long overdue! I'll admit that I'm extremely picky about who I let do my hair so that hasn't made my search any more easier.  Heading into my fourth year of being natural and having a head full of curly hair I've learned how to manage my hair on my own. But there are still those occasions where I just want a good bow out and press without the hassle.  So I tried a few places, read a few reviews and paid on average between $60-85 just to get my hair straightened.

Then I remembered that one of my twitter pals Tara, who's a newly graduated hairstylist; mentioned DryBar to me a little over a year ago. It caught my attention because they had a location here and finally I decided to venture out and give it a go. If you've never heard of DryBar they are a new hair salon franchise who's concept is created around the simple idea: No cuts. No color. Just blowouts for only $35. They have several locations around the country including; Georgia, California, New York, Texas and Arizona. Did my experience live up to my expectations? Read my full review below to find out !

First Impression: I called and booked a morning appointment for the following day. They offer appointment booking online but I decided that I would call since this was my first time going. The receptionist who answered was very professional and efficient. She asked me a few questions, one which included my hair type and length. I was a bit nervous after being asked about my hair type because I wasn't sure if they specialized in African American hair. So I arrived to my appointment about a half an hour early and the salon was pretty empty and no one up front but a stylist who was doing a clients hair. I asked whether or not I needed to sign in and he told me that someone would be with me shortly. I had a seat and about 2 minutes later the receptionist came up front and pulled up my appointment. A couple minutes later I was greeted by my stylist, she took a brief look at my hair and said "you have a lot of hair" lol O_O. I noticed that she had a head full of long curly hair and that instantly made me more at ease about her knowing how to manage mine. I was taken back to the shampoo area where she washed and conditioned my hair then we headed back to the front where she blow dried and flat ironed it. They have a menu of hair styles that are creatively named after cocktails, I decided to get the "Straight Up" which is their signature blow out with a little bit of body.

Glow: One of the first things that really impressed me is that the design of the salon is gorgeous! It's made like an actual bar with hair stations all around the exterior of it and the atmosphere is very pleasant. I also liked that they had the hair products that were used right on top of the bar so I could actually see what was being put on my hair. I saw my stylist use Moroccanoil and Loreal Liss Ultime hair smoothing products. I have a lot of hair and she was very efficient in blow-drying and smoothing it out.

Glare: There are a couple of things that I think would've made the experience better but I think they can easily be fixed by a little more communication next time. One con is that the stylist didn't use a towel to cover my shoulders while she prepped me to be blow-dried. So I had wet hair against my clothes and nothing to dry off with! Luckily I had on a sweater and didn't get too wet. The other thing is that I noticed my hair started to frizz up a little a few hours after getting it done which sucked! The heat and humidity here in Atlanta can be harsh on hair so next time I will make it a point to request the stylist to use products that are equipped to battle the frizz. 

Would I Recommend It? I would! I'm not sure if I plan to go on a regular basis but it's an excellent alternative to when I decide I just don't want to do my own hair. I definitely plan to go back! I enjoyed my experience and my stylist did a great job. And I mean for $35 no matter your hair type or length, there's just no competition! 

Here are a few photos of my hair right after getting it done! 

Oh, and I got to raving about my experience on Facebook and Twitter and one of my twitter friends Ashley went and gave them a try this past weekend! She liked her experience as well and here are pics of her hair! Too cute!

I really wish I could remember the name of the stylist who did my hair but apparently I'm terrible with names because I thought I heard her say her name was "Taren" or "Tara" but Ashley requested her when scheduling her appointment and they told her no one by that name worked there lol oops! -_- I'll be sure to get her correct name when I go back, I'm so ditsy sometimes ;-) Anywho to schedule an appointment, find a location or to learn more visit www.thedrybar.com.


05 September 2012

Celebrity Hairstylist Mara Roszak Dishes On Zoe Saldana’s Red Carpet Hair for 'The Words' Movie Premiere

Celebrity hairstylist artist Mara Roszak created Zoe Saldana’s look for last night’s The Words premiere in Los Angeles. Taking inspiration from Zoe’s lace Ellie Saab dress, Roszak created an “undone and sexy,yet effortless low messy ponytail” for the red carpet.

Get Zoe’s look in three simple steps:

Step 1 – Prep and Texturize
Achieving the undone quality of Zoe’s hair relies on creating texture while preventing flyaways. Start by evenly applying John Frieda Frizz-Ease Curl Reviver Styling Mousse ($5.99 at drugstores) through towel-dried hair to tame frizz, boost shine and build texture. For added volume, spray roots with a texturizing spray and rough dry.

Step 2 – Secure the Style
To create the perfect natural wavy texture, loosely braid hair and let it dry. Once hair is completely dry, take out the braid and break up the waves by running your fingers through your hair. Gently tease the crown for a bit of height. Next, pull hair from each side of the face to the back of the head, allowing one section of hair to overlap the other and pin in place with bobby pins. Continue this all the way down the back until all the hair is wrapped into a pony tail shape. Allow the pieces around the face to naturally fall out for a soft feminine look.

Step 3 - Polish and Perfect
To finish the look, mist a thin coat of John Frieda Frizz-Ease Moisture Barrier Firm-Hold Hair Spray ($5.99 at drugstores) in an even, all-around motion.

I absolutely adore Zoe Saldana and she never fails to disappoint! I'm still kinda debating on whether or not I want to see her new movie The Words co-starring Bradley Cooper. I'm not really into sappy romances but who can really turn down a chance to see Zoe and Bradley freakin' Cooper in hi-def? Are you feeling Zoe's messy ponytail look?


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