06 September 2012

Cuteness, Cocktails, and Blow Outs Oh My!!! DryBar Atlanta Review

I can't begin to explain how difficult it's been for me to find a regular hairstylist here in Atlanta! After years of being committed to one stylist it was a bit traumatizing to see her move out of the state, like how dare her run off and have a life? ^_^ lol! OK so after getting off of my pouting soapbox, I decided that my quest to find another stylist has been long overdue! I'll admit that I'm extremely picky about who I let do my hair so that hasn't made my search any more easier.  Heading into my fourth year of being natural and having a head full of curly hair I've learned how to manage my hair on my own. But there are still those occasions where I just want a good bow out and press without the hassle.  So I tried a few places, read a few reviews and paid on average between $60-85 just to get my hair straightened.

Then I remembered that one of my twitter pals Tara, who's a newly graduated hairstylist; mentioned DryBar to me a little over a year ago. It caught my attention because they had a location here and finally I decided to venture out and give it a go. If you've never heard of DryBar they are a new hair salon franchise who's concept is created around the simple idea: No cuts. No color. Just blowouts for only $35. They have several locations around the country including; Georgia, California, New York, Texas and Arizona. Did my experience live up to my expectations? Read my full review below to find out !

First Impression: I called and booked a morning appointment for the following day. They offer appointment booking online but I decided that I would call since this was my first time going. The receptionist who answered was very professional and efficient. She asked me a few questions, one which included my hair type and length. I was a bit nervous after being asked about my hair type because I wasn't sure if they specialized in African American hair. So I arrived to my appointment about a half an hour early and the salon was pretty empty and no one up front but a stylist who was doing a clients hair. I asked whether or not I needed to sign in and he told me that someone would be with me shortly. I had a seat and about 2 minutes later the receptionist came up front and pulled up my appointment. A couple minutes later I was greeted by my stylist, she took a brief look at my hair and said "you have a lot of hair" lol O_O. I noticed that she had a head full of long curly hair and that instantly made me more at ease about her knowing how to manage mine. I was taken back to the shampoo area where she washed and conditioned my hair then we headed back to the front where she blow dried and flat ironed it. They have a menu of hair styles that are creatively named after cocktails, I decided to get the "Straight Up" which is their signature blow out with a little bit of body.

Glow: One of the first things that really impressed me is that the design of the salon is gorgeous! It's made like an actual bar with hair stations all around the exterior of it and the atmosphere is very pleasant. I also liked that they had the hair products that were used right on top of the bar so I could actually see what was being put on my hair. I saw my stylist use Moroccanoil and Loreal Liss Ultime hair smoothing products. I have a lot of hair and she was very efficient in blow-drying and smoothing it out.

Glare: There are a couple of things that I think would've made the experience better but I think they can easily be fixed by a little more communication next time. One con is that the stylist didn't use a towel to cover my shoulders while she prepped me to be blow-dried. So I had wet hair against my clothes and nothing to dry off with! Luckily I had on a sweater and didn't get too wet. The other thing is that I noticed my hair started to frizz up a little a few hours after getting it done which sucked! The heat and humidity here in Atlanta can be harsh on hair so next time I will make it a point to request the stylist to use products that are equipped to battle the frizz. 

Would I Recommend It? I would! I'm not sure if I plan to go on a regular basis but it's an excellent alternative to when I decide I just don't want to do my own hair. I definitely plan to go back! I enjoyed my experience and my stylist did a great job. And I mean for $35 no matter your hair type or length, there's just no competition! 

Here are a few photos of my hair right after getting it done! 

Oh, and I got to raving about my experience on Facebook and Twitter and one of my twitter friends Ashley went and gave them a try this past weekend! She liked her experience as well and here are pics of her hair! Too cute!

I really wish I could remember the name of the stylist who did my hair but apparently I'm terrible with names because I thought I heard her say her name was "Taren" or "Tara" but Ashley requested her when scheduling her appointment and they told her no one by that name worked there lol oops! -_- I'll be sure to get her correct name when I go back, I'm so ditsy sometimes ;-) Anywho to schedule an appointment, find a location or to learn more visit www.thedrybar.com.


  1. Maybe she got fired :( Now let me see if we have one.

    1. I think there's only one in Dallas right now but they're making more locations. lol if she got fired in a 1 week time frame that's crazy!


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