08 October 2012

MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection | Lipstick & Nail Lacquer Review + Swatches

Last week MAC released their highly anticipated Marilyn Monroe collection which consists of iconic shades of red lipsticks, nail lacquers, glittery shadows, lip and eye pencils and more. I'm not ashamed to admit that I literally stalked the hell out of this collection! I had a feeling that it would be pretty popular from the moment it was introduced and boy was I right!  As soon as online retailers released it for sale it sold out in minutes! I was hoping that I'd get a chance to order these like I do most MAC collections but that just wasn't an option. So like many, I had to wait until the official store launch. I decided that I wouldn't take any chances since the collection was in such high demand so I went to my local MAC counter as soon as they opened the doors. Fortunately I was able to grab everything on my list ;-) 

Although I was so caught up in the 'allure' of the Marilyn theme; there were only a few things that I wanted from the collection which include 2 lipsticks and 2 nail polishes. So is it worth all the hype? Check my photos and full review below to find out! (Bear with me, lots of pics!)

MAC Marilyn Monroe Lipstick
Deeply Adored x Charmed, I'm Sure

MAC Marilyn Monroe Lipstick
Charmed, I'm Sure

 MAC Marilyn Monroe Lipstick
Deeply Adored

I really hate that the true depth of this shade didn't really translate well due to the flash on my camera. In the photos it almost looks similar to Charmed, I'm Sure but it's really about 2-3 shades deeper. 

 MAC Marilyn Monroe Nail Lacquer

MAC Marilyn Monroe Nail Lacquer
Stage Red

MAC Marilyn Monroe Nail Lacquer
Vintage Vamp

Glow: Whew! Ok I'll start with the lipsticks. Charmed, I'm Sure is like a deep true red and Deeply Adored is a dark red; both colors have a matte finish. Like I mentioned my camera doesn't really capture the true essence of the differences between the two shades but I really like them both. Being someone who's new to exploring red lipsticks I actually think that these are very flattering and wearable. They also go on smooth and provide full coverage. I've never been a fan of red when it comes to nail polish but Vintage Vamp is definitely a keeper, it's more of a brownish deep burgundy shade which is perfect for Fall! Stage Red is a deep sultry red which I also surprisingly like.

Glare: I haven't had a chance to test the full wear of the lipsticks so there are no cons at the moment. As far as the nail polish both shades required 2 coats to get fully opaque but Vintage Vamp was a bit streaky. 

Would I Recommend It? I would! I really hate that the items sold out so quickly and now I kinda wish that I had gotten a lip liner to go along with the lipsticks I purchased. The collection is pretty solid and I love the packaging!

Where To Buy: Unfortunately everything is pretty much sold out online and in stores. It's a limited edition collection so more than likely once it's gone it's gone. I hope that MAC does restock everything one more time so that those who didn't get a chance to snag anything at least can get another opportunity to try something from the collection =(

Product(s) in this post were purchased by me. 


  1. Aww, so pretty! Glad you elbowed people to get this collection! =P


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