29 October 2012

Tarte "Girl Meets Gloss" Holiday 2012 Maracuja Divine Shine Lip Gloss Gift Set Review

I always look forward to Tarte's holiday sets because they consistently seem to have a nice selection with lots of variety. This year they introduced a holiday gift set called "Girl Meets Gloss" which features five Maracuja Divine Shine Lip Glosses. The set is exclusively available at QVC.

Tarte Girl Meets Gloss
Maracuja Divine Shine Lipglosses

Glow: I really like the formula of these glosses. They have a thick consistency and sort of a minty/tingly feel and scent. They aren't overly sticky and the length of wear is pretty good, I got about a decent 3 hours of consecutive wear before I felt the need to reapply.

Glare: I'm not really a fan of sheer glosses and these are very sheer with a light tint of color. In the photos above I had to really layer on the gloss just to get them semi opaque. So if you're someone who already has dark or pigmented lips like myself then these may not be for you unless you like the sheer look. Another thing that sort of annoyed me is that the click pen applicator required a lot of clicks on the first use just to get the gloss to come up. Once you get it to dispense to the brush you're good to go though. I also don't really like the brush applicator but that could be just a matter of preference. The brush just made the application process more streakier for me and I would've preferred a regular sponge tip for these because of the formula. 

Would I Recommend It? Ehh, the price is great being that you can get 5 glosses for $34.95 when a single gloss costs $21. I do like the glosses and think they'd be perfect for a natural/everyday look. Because of the subtle color and sheerness they also go well with most skin-tones so they are pretty versatile in that sense. Do I think these glosses are a must-have? My verdict is no, I prefer something a bit more opaque and pigmented. 

Where To Buy: The limited edition "Girl Meets Gloss" gift set is currently available at www.qvc.com and retails for $34.95.

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  1. You'll probably have to layer them over a lipstick if you have darker lips. I like that curious.


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