22 October 2012

Zoya Limited Edition "Gilty Pleasures" Gift Set with 18K Solid Gold Fleck Nail Polish | Reveiw + Swatches

A few weeks ago Zoya introduced their limited edition holiday "Gilty Pleasures" gift set which features an 18k gold fleck polish made of real gold and accompanied with two additional black and white polishes. These sets were only available for pre-order and sold out quickly! So is it worth the hype? Check out pics and my thoughts below.

Zoya 18k Real Gold Top Coat

Zoya 18k Real Gold Top Coat
paired with Raven

 Zoya 18k Real Gold Top Coat
paired with Purity

Glow: I think the allure alone of having a real 18k gold polish was enough to have me thinking that I absolutely needed this lol! The gold fleck is beautiful and I like the packaging the set came in (not pictured). I also like that Zoya packaged these as a set instead of just the polish alone.

Glare: I have to be honest I was a bit unimpressed by my first application of the fleck especially over the white polish. It goes on pretty sparse and you need a good 2-3 coats just to get a decent amount of coverage and effect. The fleck just looks best over darker shades in my opinion. 

Would I Recommend It? Ehhh...There are so many other brands offering gold fleck polish now and from what I've seen they pretty much all look the same. I think Zoya had the best deal since it came with two additional shades because it's a little hard justifying paying $30 for a single polish. Whether you absolutely need this polish or not is a matter of preference and opinion, my verdict is no. It's pretty but it's not a must-have in my opinion. I was actually more impressed with Zoya's Ornate Collection which I will review later this week.  So bottom line, if you're one of those people who are intrigued by limited edition items then I say go for it!

Where To Buy: Unfortunately these are completely sold out. But as I mentioned plenty of other brands have their own versions of 18k gold fleck polish. OPI has a 007 gold flake which I've seen swatches of online and a few people say they've been able to purchase it locally but an official release date hasn't been set as of yet that I know of. Sephora also has one by OPI which I believe is a part of their permanent collection. And most recently I've seen one by Jessica which is a brand I've never really heard of but hey like I mentioned everyone seems to have their own version of it so fortunately you should be able to snag one from somewhere. They all seem to be retailing for the same price which is $30.

What are your thoughts? Will you be purchasing a gold fleck polish?

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