20 February 2013

Avon Partners with Fergie, Introducing New Fragrance Viva by Fergie

The Scent
Feminine. Empowered. Unconventional. Viva by Fergie is a sexy contradiction of captivating cool herbs spiked with fierce lavender and intriguing vetiver. A fragrance for women who want to live life on their own terms, inspired by one of today’s most empowering women, Fergie.

The Inspiration
With Viva by Fergie, you can channel the confident and empowered sexiness of singer, actress, model and icon, Fergie. The latest collaboration between Avon and the award-winning artist, Viva by Fergie is designed to empower the fearless woman within, celebrate feminine contrasts and live outside the bounds. A sexy, spirited and seductive fragrance, Viva by Fergie epitomizes the strength and independence of its namesake.

Since first stepping in front of a crowd at the beginning of her career, Fergie has vowed to live life to the fullest—and live it on her own terms. Poised, determined, and ready to take on the world, Fergie has always listened to her instincts and trusted herself, helping her become the woman she is today. With Viva by Fergie, the musician’s fans are emboldened to seize the day and live by their own rules—just like Fergie herself.

Since 2009, Fergie has partnered with Avon, creating fragrances such as Outspoken and Outspoken Intense and supporting the causes of the Avon Foundation for Women. Fergie’s debut scent, Outspoken, remains the number one fragrance launch in Avon history. Fergie was awarded the 2011 FiFi ® New Fragrance Celebrity of the Year Award. This award recognizes a celebrity whose very first fragrance has enjoyed instant success with the consumer and brought recognition to the fragrance category.

The Notes
Captivating Cool Herbs Luscious greens and captivating herbs create a cool effect that invigorates and refreshes the senses. Fierce Lavender Fresh with floral, minty and spicy undertones, fierce lavender delivers a modern contrast between masculine and feminine notes Intriguing Vetiver One of the most beautiful woody notes, intriguing vetiver is wrapped in sweet leathery undertones adding depth and sensuality to
the fragrance.

Viva by Fergie ($30.00) will be available in February 2013 exclusively through Avon Representatives. To locate an Avon Representative call 1-800-FOR-AVON or visit www.avon.com.

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