04 October 2013

RiRi Hearts MAC Lipstick Swatches + Review

Just gonna go ahead and point out the white elephant in the room....we ALL know that I'm a procrastinator. lol...a very intense one!  With that said I've been meaning to post this a couple months ago but hey that's the ongoing story of an emo-blogger ^_^ Anyhoo...Yesterday I finally buckled down and swatched the Rihanna lipsticks from her first two RiRi Hearts MAC releases. If you've been keeping up then you know by now that her final Holiday Collection was released at all MAC counters yesterday. Unfortunately I haven't got my hands on anything from that collection just yet because I was lured into "pre-ordering" from my local Nordstrom *clears throat*  I have yet to receive anything but they ensured me that it has indeed shipped...and my GOD I am praying it has. Had I known pre-ordering would mean being the actual last person to get it then I probably would've taken my chances with going to the store but what's done is done. When they do arrive (oh and they better!) of course I will do a follow up post with swatches! In the meantime checkout my current thoughts on the lippies below. 

RiRi Hearts MAC lipstick
(l-r) RiRi-Woo, RiRi Boy, Heaux

(l-r) RiRi-Woo, RiRi Boy, Heaux

RiRi Woo
a retro matte cool red

 RiRi Boy
a retro matte vivid lavender 

Sorry for so many pics! I couldn't really find the perfect lighting for this color but hey close enough ^_^

a retro matte berry

Glow: Alright, so with most highly anticipated MAC collections the biggest question I always end up asking myself is if it all was really worth the hype?  Lets start with the positives shall we? My fave out of the 3 is definitely RiRi Woo, I love that it's a play on Ruby Woo but there is a slight difference. RiRi Woo seems to be a tone brighter which I love. I paired RiRi Boy with Heroine lip liner and I think I like it better that way versus wearing it alone. Heaux is described as a "berry" shade, it seems more subtle than the others but I do like it against my skin-tone. The formula is ok and I do love the fact that I got pretty good wear out of them throughout the day (about 8 hrs) with only 1 reapplication.

Glare: The thing with retro mattes is that they are supposed to be a bit more drying than regular MAC matte finishes and that's because they have a one of a kind texture (says MAC) I suppose the easiest way to describe is that they are more matte than the traditional matte lipsticks yet still hold vivid color. Some people have issues with mattes and I've read a few complaints about the retro matte textures but for me they really weren't anymore drying than the regular ones. Although I will say that RiRi Boy in particular seems a bit dryer than the others, the texture was sort of crumbly while applying. I always dab my lips with chapstick periodically if the lipstick feels too dry. 

Would I Recommend It? I definitely recommend trying the matte formulas. Everyone's preferences are different but hey I like them. 

Where To Buy: As these were limited edition colors, unfortunately I believe the ship has sailed on at least two of these. But the most popular RiRi Woo is still currently available at various online retailers. If you're interested in seeing what's left then I suggest you act soon! Check all online retailers that carry MAC such as Nordstrom, Dillards, Macys etc. Good Luck!

Product(s) in this post were purchased by me. 


  1. I really wanted to get Heaux but it sold out. You wear all the lippies well

    1. Thank you! Yeah I hate how fast they all sold out, I wish MAC would get it together with their limited edition collections.

  2. Boy looks pink, I like it. I'll check around to see if I can find it and heaux to add to my collection. I love Riri!!!!!


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