23 December 2013

Girls With Curls: Motions Straight Finish Collection Review

Having natural hair can sometimes be a real struggle, especially when you live in a city plagued with bipolar weather like Atlanta. I'm always rotating my style between naturally curly and straight hair. Every girl with natural hair knows that the right routine and products can make a world of difference when it comes to straightening. Motions has created a brand new line infused with Keratin that was formulated to smooth your curls without damaging your hair along the way.

The Motions "Straight Finish" line consists of a 3 step system. First is the Cleanser which gently cleans, conditions and softens the hair while helping to ease detangling as well as elongating curls. The second step includes the Leave-In Conditioner that adds a layer of moisture to protect the hair. The final step is the Sealer, it seals the shaft of the hair which gives a luminous shine and minimizes wiry ends.

Below are photos of my hair from curly to blown out to straight using Motions Straight Finish products.

Glow: Let me start by saying that I absolutely love products with a step-by-step process, for me it takes the guess work out of how I should apply them and it also gives me a chance to see how each product works with the other for final results. What I liked about the shampoo/cleanser is that it was nice and creamy, it lathered really well and cleansed my hair without drying it out. I had no issues detangling my curls with the conditioner and I used just about a nickel sized amount of the serum on my damp hair just before blow drying. After drying, my hair was noticeably smooth and way less frizzy than usual (It's usually super thick and puffy when I blow dry it.)

Glare: The only thing that I was sort of hesitant about using is the Leave-In Conditioner, and that's mainly because I have oily hair and from years of experience in doing my own hair I usually can tell right off what works with it and what won't. The conditioner is formulated to create a layer of moisture which I'm sure contributed to minimizing frizz. However, what I didn't like about it is that it almost felt like a layer of film or a heavy coating on my hair. While my hair was still soft and smooth it wasn't light and bouncy which is what I'm accustomed to. I didn't really like the way my hair felt to the touch, though it looked nice. Also, while applying it I could tell that it was going to be heavy which is why I washed the majority of it out instead of leaving it in per the directions. Although I did not like the way the conditioner seemed to weigh my hair down I will say that my hair never got frizzy even with the rain and humid temperatures. 

Would I Recommend It? Ehh.. While I can't say that it'll really be a staple in my hair routine I will say that everyone's hair is different and reacts differently. My issue with having a finer texture and oily hair is something that I have always dealt with and products that provide a lot of moisture don't always work to my advantage. So honestly it's just one of those you have to try it for yourself type of things, while it may work wonders for some it may not for others. I would recommend to use the conditioner sparingly the first time around just to see what works for you. 

Where To Buy:  Motions Straight Finish hair line is super affordable (about $6 each) and is also currently available at various retailers nationwide. To learn more visit Motions.com.

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