27 April 2016

The Beautiful Ones

I'm still having such a hard time believing that this wasn't a dream and at any moment I will finally wake from it. Even though it all still feels so surreal, the reality is that this is real mourning I'm experiencing. For me, it's always such a shock when my favorite celebrities die because I feel connected to them in some way. Not personally but through their gifts in which they shared unselfishly with the world.

Prince wasn't just a celebrity to me, he was an icon. Incomparably talented, undeniably unique and second to none. I think this is hitting me so hard because I was at what would be his final show here in Atlanta just a week ago.

This photo was taken just moments after he left the stage singing Purple Rain. There were heavy restrictions against taking audio/video per his request. Though there were a few to rebel against his wishes, visibly eager to capture the moment. (I thought about doing the same) But this time I chose to put the phone in my purse and then something beautiful happened.

I've been to many concerts but for the first time I got to truly experience the artist in all of his glory. There was something so raw, so emotional, so intimate about putting the phone down and just taking in everything. I sang, I danced, I laughed and smiled the entire night.

For me, this was just a vivid reminder to always live in the moment and to appreciate the life I have and of those I love. Who would've known that I would get to experience what would be his last performance ever. Although this hurts deeply and my heart feels broken I feel truly blessed to have witnessed the beauty that manifested within him. The Beautiful Ones always go far too soon. Rest in eternal love.

My first time seeing Prince was at Essence a couple years ago. Me and my best gal pals forever bonded in purple.
New Orleans, 2014. 


26 April 2016


Yes, I'm alive. Wow! I can't believe it's been 2 whole years since I've posted on this site. Hey, life happens and I've had a lot going on personally that resulted in a much longer hiatus than I anticipated. But one things for sure, I can never stray too far because this blog is a little piece of me that I can never truly let go.

I've done a lot of self discovery in the past couple years and I've realized that I just have so many interests that can't be confined to one specific genre. Though I loved the foundation of beauty, style and confidence that this blog was rooted in; I'd be dishonest if I said I never felt like it was becoming one dimensional. Which as a creative started to bore me.

I'm all about new beginnings and this will be a rebirth so to speak. I have a lot of ideas flowing through my head right now but nothing solid enough to confirm exactly what they are. I do know that the direction I want to go in for this blog is what feels most natural to me - being organic, authentic, relatable and vulnerable.

Those that have followed my blogging journey throughout the years know that I truly do this for the love of it and the intangible things I gain from it. It's been a form of therapy for me and I really want to get back to sharing on a personal level. I feel like re-branding this as a Lifestyle blog is what I'm gearing toward the most. I think I can throw so many variations of things into that pot. Creativity, travel, my experiences and just life. No worries, my love for kick-ass nail polish and banging lipstick will still very much be a part of  it. I'm still a fucking girl that loves pretty ass things. Ha!

For those of you that still follow , subscribe and who have supported my blogging journey throughout the years I thank you wholeheartedly for staying with me on this bumpy ride. Stay tuned...


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