26 April 2016


Yes, I'm alive. Wow! I can't believe it's been 2 whole years since I've posted on this site. Hey, life happens and I've had a lot going on personally that resulted in a much longer hiatus than I anticipated. But one things for sure, I can never stray too far because this blog is a little piece of me that I can never truly let go.

I've done a lot of self discovery in the past couple years and I've realized that I just have so many interests that can't be confined to one specific genre. Though I loved the foundation of beauty, style and confidence that this blog was rooted in; I'd be dishonest if I said I never felt like it was becoming one dimensional. Which as a creative started to bore me.

I'm all about new beginnings and this will be a rebirth so to speak. I have a lot of ideas flowing through my head right now but nothing solid enough to confirm exactly what they are. I do know that the direction I want to go in for this blog is what feels most natural to me - being organic, authentic, relatable and vulnerable.

Those that have followed my blogging journey throughout the years know that I truly do this for the love of it and the intangible things I gain from it. It's been a form of therapy for me and I really want to get back to sharing on a personal level. I feel like re-branding this as a Lifestyle blog is what I'm gearing toward the most. I think I can throw so many variations of things into that pot. Creativity, travel, my experiences and just life. No worries, my love for kick-ass nail polish and banging lipstick will still very much be a part of  it. I'm still a fucking girl that loves pretty ass things. Ha!

For those of you that still follow , subscribe and who have supported my blogging journey throughout the years I thank you wholeheartedly for staying with me on this bumpy ride. Stay tuned...

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