25 November 2017

Awkward Outings: Decatur Wine Festival

I'm by no means a wine connoisseur..hell, I can probably count on my fingers the number of glasses I've had since legal drinking age lol. I think it's probably because I've never truly found a wine that I enjoyed the taste of. I know a few wine lovers who talk about their deep affection for the savory spirits but I'm still on the hunt for the one that meets my fancy.

November is my birthday month and I've been looking to try some different things around the city that I've yet to explore. That's how I stumbled across the Decatur Wine Festival. I figured it'd be a good way for some outside fun and to sample a few wines. Who knows? Maybe I'd find my holy grail of wines!

The Decatur Wine Festival created by the Decatur Arts alliance kicks off once a year and is held in historic downtown Decatur. The festival features nearly 500 wines all for your sampling pleasure. I honestly had way more fun than I had anticipated, despite going alone and being totally clueless on wine culture. The people were friendly, the wine stayed flowing and there were also tasty foods, music and a dance session that kept the good times rolling! All of the wine vendors were very knowledgeable and helpful when it came to tasting. While I didn't quite find a wine that I felt like I could commit to - the overall experience did open my eyes to the various types of wines and makes me want to explore more ^_^ Below are a few pics from the fest. If you ever have a chance to attend a wine festival in your city I urge you to go! I definitely plan to do it again but next time I'll probably try the Atlanta Wine Fest. Enjoy!

A little entertainment before and during the fest 

Delicious foods and treats (I think I ate more than I drank)

Good times! 

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