25 December 2017

Fenty Beauty Galaxy Collection Haul + Review

Happy Holidays! I hope everyone’s having an amazing day and in good spirits with those you love. My intentions were to get this post out weeks ago but since it is officially the holidays this makes perfect timing. Fenty Beauty by Rihanna has only been out a few months now and I’ve been all over this collection like a mad woman! I bought tons of things from her initial release (which I will be reviewing soon) and most recently from her limited edition release for the holidays, the Galaxy Collection.

 The Galaxy Collection was pretty light in comparison to her permanent line so I headed to Sephora on release day and picked up most of the holiday items including the eyeshadow palette, a couple lipsticks, lipglosses and an eyeliner.

What I love most about this collection is the packaging. The colors are so pretty and fits right in with the Galaxy theme. The eyeshadow palette’s case is simply gorgeous. It reflects iridescent rainbow colors from every angle. My photos do this case no justice as my camera couldn’t capture all of its true beauty.

Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette 

If the packaging isn’t enough to entice you then the actual eyeshadows surely will. They are so pretty. All of the colors are glittery and very pigmented. The perfect pairing for any holiday look.


The shadows go on smooth for the most part and look even better when you apply them with a damp brush. The only cons for the palette for me is that not all of the shadows seem to have the same texture/formula. I noticed that a couple shades kinda breakup a bit when I apply them but they still gave off the same color consistency so that’s not a big deal for me. The only other thing that I’m not fond of is how the eyeshadow case picks up fingerprints and smudges so easily. It has zero effect on the product quality but if you’re quirky like me then you may find yourself wiping the case down a lot lol but no big deal. Overall for a full glittery palette I think they did a great job with the color range.

Starlit Hyper-Glitz Lipstick (Supermoon, Gravity

I only purchased 2 of the lipsticks because the other colors were passable to me. I fell in love with Supermoon right away, it’s like a peachy shimmery nude and I love the way it looks on my skin tone. Gravity was my second favorite, it’s described as a shimmery hot pink.


The formula for the lipstick feels smooth and lightweight, the color is also buildable. The lipstick did seem to breakup on my lip lines a little bit but that could be due to the combination of gloss I applied over it. Overall, I like the lipsticks a lot and I think I may buy a backup of Supermoon if it’s still in stock. It’s the perfect nude for me.

Cosmic Gloss Lip Glitter (Spacesuit, Gal On The Moon, Plutonic Relationship

These glosses are everything you’d want in a glittery lipstick. They are so shiny and packed with tons of shimmer. There are 4 glosses in the collection but I only got 3. If the other wasn’t sold out I would’ve definitely got that one too. These glosses were also love at first sight. I didn’t even try these on. I swatched them on my hand in store and knew I had to have them all.


I like the formula. It’s not sticky or overly filled with glitter particles. It goes on nice and smooth. My favorite out of the 3 is Spacesuit, it’s described as a glittering peach. It’s the perfect pairing on top of my lipstick fave Supermoon. Gal On The Moon is described as a holographic pink orchid and it is beyond mesmerizing, it has iridescent colors in various angles and lighting. Plutonic Relationship is described as a holographic hot pink. This would also look great paired on top Gravity.

Eclipse 2-In-1 Glitter Release Eyeliner (Alien Bae

There wasn’t much variation in the 2 eyeliners offered in the collection. They both were pretty dark, the only difference was one had blue tones and the other green. I decided to go with Alien Bae which is described as a blue/black metallic and smoky navy glitter.


I tried using the liner over my lash line but wasn’t too impressed with the results. It didn’t really stand out or appear pigmented enough over the glitter eyeshadow so I decided to use another liner for my overall look. I haven’t tested the liner on its own or with other eyeshadow but the color does seem to go on super dark and pigmented when I swatch it on my hand. So I’m still kinda on the fence of how I truly feel about it. I do like the 2 in 1 effect the shadow has when you blend it out which activates the glitter.

Final thoughts, while there are a few quirks like formula consistency between the shadows and the packaging picking up fingerprints - I don’t think any of that would deter me from this collection. The theme and shades were well thought out and compliment one another nicely. I definitely see myself continuing to use the products. Because of the glittery nature, the eyeshadow would probably be more for fun or special occasions for me though. The Holiday Galaxy Collection is a yes from me. If you haven’t purchased yet then now is the time because these are selling out quickly and are limited edition so get what you can while you can!

Below is a look I created with the products. 

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