13 July 2019

Awkward Outings: Candytopia

If you're looking for something fun to do this summer then I've got a sweet suggestion for you! With the continuous growth in Atlanta there's literally always something to do, especially during the summer. From music, food festivals, and the arts, there is truly never a dull moment in the city. Traveling pop-up shops and interactive spaces seem to be the current trend and I'm definitely a fan.

Back in February I visited "Candytopia" an interactive museum full of art and activities that is all about candy. It consists of several different rooms that each have a candy related theme. I definitely felt like a big kid but did not feel out of place because it's truly an experience for all ages to enjoy. The exhibit is currently touring several cities around the country. It's been in Atlanta for a few months and I believe it ends toward the end of July, so if you're in Atlanta and  haven't had a chance to check it out I strongly urge you to go before it closes. It's located in the heart of Buckhead/Atlanta and if you're interested tickets and all information can be found via their website https://www.candytopia.com/.

All of the art is made from candy and each one has the specifications listed on how many hours it took and how many pieces of candy was used. 

A cute little tribute to Atlanta and Georgia. 

The confetti room was both my favorite and least favorite. SO much confetti. I was pulling it out of my hair for days lol. 

 There's even a gift shop with a full candy wall for your sweet tooth ^_^ 

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